Sunday, September 8, 2013

Sister Price's letter sent September 2, 2013

Dear Price crew,
Yesterday was transfer conference and it was super intense. It is when we meet with our zone and those going outbound receive there new call and everyone else finds out who there new companion will be. My zone met outside at the Nauvoo Cafe Plaza. Every tourist who walked by thought we were all nuts because we kept screaming. It was like a TV show. Sister Doraiswamy is going outbound for two transfers to the Florida Tallahassee Mission! Tuesday is my last full day with her. I will miss her! I will miss her loving spirit, her unique humor, and her Indian accent. I'll also miss eating her curry. Lucky she taught me how to make it! On Wednesday I will be with my new companion! Her name is Sister Humble and she is from California! She is super sweet and I look forward to getting to know her. I will still be serving in the west, mainly at the west gate or "snake pit" as I like to call it. My zone leader is Sister Bradshaw and she is going home! It's so crazy. She is already engaged and has a wedding date, October 19th.
Jose is going to get baptized! Jose is our investigator from the Dominican Republic. Sister Doraiswamy and I have been teaching him over the phone and we invited him to be baptized and he said yes! Jose has such a great spirit and we know that he will go far. When I talk to people I like to picture them going to the Temple because that really is the ultimate goal. The temple brings us closer to God and allows families to continue on forever.
Dad, the message you shared most was the "feed my sheep" message. Thank you so much for constantly instilling that into my mind. Christ says that to Peter as if saying ""when I asked you to preach, it was forever...when I asked you to be a missionary, it was FOREVER" (Elder Holland). This work is real. There are people who don't want to listen, who just want the historic facts, but the spirit works and can touch there hearts. It is great. The Holy Ghost is a great companion.
On Thursday my companion and I got to go to an Indian home for a meal. It was so delicious. Such a humble and loving Indian family. We usually don't get to go to member homes, but Sister Thelusidas from India got special permission since she is going home soon. And she invited my companion and I to go so I could drive us. The family has a son who is serving in Raleigh North Carolina. I would love to go to South Carolina or Georgia for outbound, but my guess is New Hampshire (really random).
Thank you for sending me a backpack momma! It is so great to use. Thank you thank you thank you! Also, mom and dad thank you for sending my pictures! I can't wait to print them and show the sisters my family!
The Perryman's visited me on Friday! It was so great. Sam and their Grandma came as well. Sam was still in missionary mode (having only returned from his mission two days prior) and he shared a scripture during the tour. He also asked to see my planner. I was nervous as he looked through it! The Perryman's took us out for dinner and it was so delicious. It was very special to be around familiar faces. 

Thank you family for all of your love and support! YOU ARE AMAZING!
L (let) O (others) V (view) E (eternity), 
                                               Sister Becca Price (Blue)