Monday, January 27, 2014

Email sent Monday 1-27-13

Dear Family,

What a week it has been! There have been so many miracles that I can not even begin to list them. . On Friday Sister Bragger, Riding, and I were on exchanges. The three of us were able to teach by the spirit and set a baptismal date with a referral that we contacted. His name is Dennis and he is 24 and in the YSA 7th ward. We shared with him the Book of Mormon and he was genuinely excited about it. He committed to being baptized on February 22nd. This week we are going to give him a tour of the chapel where he will be baptized at.  Sister Braegger and I have similar personalities and both want to work hard for the gospel to go fourth. 

Yesterday was a missionary fireside that we had three recent converts speak at. We were happy to watch as the entire chapel became filled for the fireside. As the fireside went on the chapel became filled with the spirit. 

On Sunday my companions and I spoke at church and I prayed about what to talk about. I ended up speaking about finding the lost sheep. I bridged the story of Sydney and I catching the lost goat to it and I got some good feedback so I think it went well.

Love you all!
Sister Becca Price

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Please Read

Due to recent situations we are choosing to no longer post Rebecca's address, her e-mail, and other personal information for her own safety. If you would like to know her new e-mail or her address please ask one of her family members. You are welcome to ask for contact information by e-mailing me at or Sydney at Also if you already have her information please do not give it to anyone. Again, please give no one Rebecca's contact information.
Thank you
-Rebecca's defensive sisters

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Email sent 1-20-14

This past week has been full of experiences that have caused me to fall in love with my new. Many people assume that as a trio we may have troubles getting along, but that is not the case! The three of us have quickly become unified and powerful in our teaching. I've heard that if you have a job that you love, then you will never work a day in your life. The three of us love the work so much that it doesn't seem like work. At Temple Square I loved those I taught over the phone and even those I would tour around the square, but here I enjoy building relationships with those we teach so we can better meet their concerns. Elder Clarke of the Seventy shared with my last mission at temple square "I don't want you to be perfect tomorrow, I want you to be a little better every day." That is what I try and do, be a little better everyday.

In other news, today our zone is going bowling and ordering zone tshirts. I don't know yet if my name will even be on the tshirt since I came late. Guess I will ask the zone leaders. Sister Hoof has ringworm on her arm so that was a little freaky when we found out.

Last night we went to visit Courtney, our investigator who recently returned from visiting home, she wasn't at her apartment. While getting in the car I said "Hey lets go visit Jocelynn since she is just across the street." Sister Hoof and Braegger agreed that it felt right, so we went. Jocelynn is a member in our YSA ward and she wasn't home. But her nonmember roommate Jessica let us in anyway. We got to know her then we shared with her the restoration and she began to cry. We asked her how she felt because we knew she could feel the spirit and she agreed. Now Jessica wants to meet with us again and learn more. Jessica is so loved by Heavenly Father and I am so grateful that He trusted us enough to lead us her way.

On Saturday we went to the Temple! What a special experience it was. And to top it all off I saw Sister Hailey Shumate in the Visitors Center after! She was in my ward at BYU Idaho and now we are in the same mission! She didn't know so she was surprised to see me.

Much Love,
Sister Becca Price

Email sent 1-13-14

Wow so talk about change! I am in a trio and outside of the visitors center. Sister Braegger  and Sister Hoof  are my companions. It is very different, but I love it. My favorite part is actually being able to teach people in person and see them react to the spirit that fills their heart. This week I've been introduced to a new routine. We have no car so when available the women in our wards will drive us around. Otherwise it is walking in the cold. This week has been a very new experience for me. Biggest change is being over actual wards and teaching in homes rather than over the phone. But I love it already. Sis Braegger and Sis Hoof are great sisters and answer all my questions when I am lost. It is funny being new to a mission even though I've already been out for 6 months. We have visited a lot of less actives. I'm still learning names of those we teach since I was thrown into running area. Attending three ward councils yesterday was a very new experience for me. At first I really felt out of my element because I've become so comfortable with how temple square works, but I am now adjusting well. Every morning (except Sunday) Anna, the Relief Society Pres. of YSA 6th Ward, drives us to the institute to work out. We just run around the gym. Sis Hoof plays basketball so I'm thinking about having her teach me how to play. Today we are going to the store then playing gator ball at the stake center with our zone. I hear that's what happens every pday. We live in the basement of a members home which is fun. It is different eating at members homes each night. We get fed well. Here we mostly teach less active students and get them to church. My first day here I dropped my quad scriptures and that is a bad omen here. If you drop your scriptures that means your future spouse just gained 50 pounds! Scary! Well I would write more but my time is coming short.
Much love!
Sister Price

Friday, January 3, 2014

Email sent 1-3-14

On New Years Eve the list of Sisters going away to another mission was revealed. A board with the pictures of the sisters was turned around and on the board was my picture! I almost cried. I wasn't happy or sad. The opportunities that I know are ahead excite me, but I will really miss Temple Square for the time that I am away. Recently Sister Escobedo and I have found many new people to teach. But I have to leave them in the hands of other Sisters as I go. Cohen, the 13 year old boy from North Carolina, is getting baptized the Sunday after I leave!

On Monday morning is transfer conference. Everyone will learn their new assignment, leaders, companion, apartment, and outbound sisters will be told: "Sister ______ your new companion is in the _________ mission!" If I am right we get 10 min to call home and tell them where we are going. We never got a phone call from the airport to the field after the MTC because we drove up from Provo of course. Then Wednesday morning we fly to our new mission. I've become so comfortable here. My District Leaders and Zone Leaders are Sister missionaries, but outbound they will be Elders. Elders are awkward! No offense to James or any other Elders out there...but I will miss the all girl mission.

Yesterday half the mission went on a field trip. It was to the BYU Provo art Exhibit called Sacred Gifts. The art was beautiful and we got free prints of post of the paintings. Carl Bloch was the main artist that was focused on. If anyone is in Provo you MUST GO TO IT! My favorite painting was the one of Christ coming out of the tomb. We traveled with public transportation and 2 insane things happened that I wont share. But just know 2 crazy things happened and it reminded me how safe I've been in my Temple Square bubble. Being on BYU Campus was nice! But to me, it wasn't as beautiful as Idaho's campus. Sorry!

This morning we went to the Temple and the moment we walking in I felt the Spirit come over me with a feeling of peace and joy. There is no better way to start the day! Except for maybe breakfast because I ate before I went and I probably would have been grumpy if I didn't eat. You know how important breakfast is.

Love you all!
Sister Price

Email sent 12-27-13

Christmas was fantastic! On Christmas day I called home in the morning which was wonderful! Hands down the best part about Christmas day. So great to hear everyone's voice. Later that night we watched Christmas for a Dollar. Which is some movie made by the church. After the movie Santa came! After Santa came we watched Happy Feet. Everything we do here is 10x more fun because there are 160+ girls here! YIKES! During the day though from noon to 5pm on Christmas the square was open and we had assignments. Only sad part was seeing families together because it made me want to be with all of you on Christmas. Nonetheless Christmas was great and my mission is really flying by which is sad. But I will see my mother this weekend! WOW! That will be awkward. I am excited to show momma behind the scenes of Temple Square where normal tours don't in the Tunnels, the teaching center, and my missions headquarters.

On Christmas Eve we watched The Nativity. It was well done and it really reminded me of who the Savior is to me. My roommates here are great and the other day we had combined companionship study with them and we just deeply discussed God's Plan for us. I love talking about the Plan of Salvation. It is my favorite. My mind is racing 100 mph about the subject and it is all to much to type out.

Things have been so busy here. I haven't written in my journal for about a week :(

Yesterday Sister Escobedo and I took a very fun tour! A couple with there 10 year old daughter and 7 year old son. The mom was energetic trying to keep her kids interested so they would have a good experience. I caught on and felt like I was back in the Johnstown Ward teaching my primary kids again. I asked the kids questions and they were so proud of themselves when they answered correctly. It was precious. My companion was quiet the whole time and seemed stressed though. While we played the words of Christ at the Christus she told me she was stressed because she is not used to kids and how to be with them and the mom was too energetic for her.

Last night we took a spanish tour at the Conference Center and it was a very large family from Mexico. Only one spoke english along with his wife who knows no Spanish. So I spoke with the young wife. She goes to BYU Idaho! COOL!

District Meeting was Monday and Sister Yeung (my District Leader) instructed all of us to bring pictures of our boyfriend to share at the end of the meeting. WHAT?? So unheard of but it was fun. The first picture I showed was of James with the iguana! I think it is dead in the picture but he never told me.

Sister Escobedo and I are heading into our 12th week together! Wow such a long time but it has been so great. We get along very well because we are both people who hate contention and all forms of it so we don't ever argue. We agree to disagree if necessary. With a new transfer comes a new mission President! Sad but also exciting. I just pray for the new President and his wife. I would imagine that they are nervous.

On Saturday night we went to a members home! Brother and Sister Ward. We sang Silent Night in Spanish, Mandarin, German, Cambodian, and English. I sang the Spanish and English parts with Sister Escobedo. They fed us so well! The meat came from a bull that their son in law killed. How cool is that? Still not as cool as eating guinea pig like some people.

Clara is going to Armenia! Wow I freaked out when I read that!! Sister Yedigarian from Armenia was so sweet and she went home after my second transfer. She is going to be wonderful there. Our missions are for the people we teach, but as Elder Holland says they are also for us.

The snow is leaving so I really hope that we get a crazy storm soon. I like bundling up to stay warm.
There is so much to tell but my mind can't focus very long so I don't really know what else to add or say.

I love you all very much!

Sister Price-Blueski