Thursday, August 7, 2014

Fleet with Sister Hardy 8-7-14

My new companion is Sister Hardy from Mesa Arizona! She and I are in the same transfer, but we weren't together in the MTC since she came to the mission 3 weeks early. Sister Hardy is fleet so now she is training me in fleet. Then next transfer I will train the next fleet sister. Fleet is in charge of the organization of the mission vehicles. We take them to and from the shop and organize pday sign out stuff and a bunch of other car stuff. Yesterday we had to be in the garage at 4:50am to make sure that the cars taking sisters to and from the airport for outbound (or going home) were leaving at the right time and had all the right passengers. Since she and I had such long hours yesterday, we have a full pday today :) Soon we will schedule a fleet training for the 1st transfer sisters. We will pass off the sisters to drive...could be dangerous. So fleet is officially my assignment for the next two transfers! 

No more Beehive house unless we cover for someone every now and then. It was nice to serve there for two transfers, but staying for a third would be to much considering how busy it can be.

This week will be very busy with fleet, but next week it should cool down enough for us to take tours and find more people to teach. Most everyone I was teaching last transfer spoke primarily Mandarin, so Sister Wu will keep in touch with them and I will find more people to teach. Hopefully.

The new sisters arrived from the MTC yesterday. They come from California, Hawaii, Canada, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Our roommates are the office assistants to the mission and our neighbors are the AP's. They have always had the assistants to the Presidents, fleet, and office assistants live in those apartments.

As fleet I am hoping to replace a couple of the vehicles with horses 

No pictures this week, sorry! I will make up for it next week. I look like a zombie because of lack of sleep so that is part of my excuse. 

Love you all!

Sister Price 

last week with Sister Wu from CHINA :( 7-30-14

On Monday Justin Mckeown and Spencer Carter visited me! Brother Mckeown shared Dad's conversion story with me while we were sitting in the benches of the Assembly Hall. It was wonderful to hear and made all 4 of us tear up. I made sure to record the entire experience very well in my journal.

Yesterday we met President Howell, Stake President of the Bluffdale Utah South Stake. He happens to be hosting 5 adults from China who happen to be from the very same city as Sister Wu. President Howell asked if we could come over for dinner to meet them and we let him know that we probably wont be able to but we would ask anyway. President Poulson was all for it when we told him about it. So on Friday Sister Wu and I will drive to Bluffdale to eat at the Howell home and meet the 5 Chinese people from Sister Wu's city!
It is my last full week with Sister Wu, we will miss each other. The Chinese people are so sweet in the tours and they clap when I introduce myself in Chinese. Not all people get excited when you say something in their language. A family from the Netherlands was excited then I greeted them formally in Dutch. Back to the Chinese though, Sister Wu enjoys teaching them the churches official name and explaining the nickname mormon. She has me say the church name in Mandarin and one group was gasping and clapping it was precious.
Monday morning is transfer conference so I will find out about my new companion then and I will also hear if I have to move apartments and change zones. Transfer day will be next Wednesday, so if I have a new pday it wont come for 8-10 days :P oh no!
We have spent most of today with Sister Nakamatsu and Sister Tupou because Sister Tupou will return to Tonga on Tuesday! Sad, but exciting too. She will be missed a ton by me...
The Pioneer Day Parade was fun! Mostly because of horses and I also saw Sister Rutz and Julia from the Johnstown Ward! What a treat!
Things are still extremely busy, but all is well! Love you all <3
Sister Rebecca Price

1. At the Pioneer Day Parade photo courtesy of Sister Lynn Rutz
2. Elder Oaks watching the parade on the same bleachers as us. You usually have to pay for the bleachers but a kind person gave us free tickets!
3. Just being silly in the display of a presentation in the North Visitors Center
4. Just another time being silly in the display of a presentation in the North Visitors Center
5. Nursery Display
6. Another nursery display
7. I grew so large that I was able to take a bite of the Temple! That is what the mission does to you...
8. Sister Wu wanted me to smile, but there was food in my mouth so I just Zoolandered it