Sunday, March 30, 2014

Happy Spring! (3-24-14)

Hello to my family on a cruise without me (I still love you anyway)

On Saturday John was baptized! What a wonderful experience it was. Not even sure how to describe it! Overall Johns baptism was an experience I've never had before and will never forget. I'm so proud of him and the way he has let the spirit work in him to teach and testify of the truth. No doubt he is a great contribution to the church.

Our Mission has a goal to have every companionship baptize this April! Sister Bragger and I have many people in our teaching pool...but it is ultimately up to the person to act on invitations given and find the truth through prayer. The spirit is the real teacher.

Spring break is this week so tons of people we normally teach are gone :( Sister Braegger and I aren't letting that stop us though! Oh, I almost forgot to mention that she and I are staying together this new transfer! Our district is remaining the same except for one set of elders that have been white washed. We thought sisters would replace them, but more Elders. We are the only sisters in our district. Those Elders can be sassy, but we still love them. Seriously though they are the sass masters. Reminds me of when Meredith cried because Natalie called her the sass master or something like that.

Sister Bragger is so funny, here is something she emailed home today: "We have been walking a lot which is good because I need to lose some fluff.  Sister Price and I both like to walk which is good until the wind blows a billion miles an hour hahahaha jk. Skirts are not the best thing for wind I'm just throwing that out there. But maybe we will attract more baptisms???? haha that was a joke everyone!!!  But really the wind is super strong. for service we have been picking up trash cans off the road."

This weeks pictures include: Me trying to convert a dog. Because of spring break we are resorting to teaching the woodland creatures. Us with a family that we ate dinner with. They gave us farm fresh eggs to take home...yum! And of course John's baptism pictures.

Love you all!
Sister Price

PS. My half way point is April 2nd??? Where has all the time gone?

Happy St. Patrick's Day! & Happy Birthday Relief Society (3-17-14)

This Saturday John will be baptized! Sister Braegger and I are so excited for him. Tomorrow is his baptismal interview. It is amazing to step back and look at how much John has progressed since we first taught him. When we first taught him and shared the restoration, John ran out of the apartment! We were shocked because that had never happened before. Now we see that John has developed his own personal knowledge of the truthfulness of the gospel. John is the first person I've taught and will get to see enter the waters of baptism! Something I never got to experience at Temple Square, thought Temple Square has its own perks.

I've realized that transfer calls are coming up. This transfer has really flown by. I feel like Sister Braegger and I have really started to get things going and I hope to be able to work with her the remainder of my time in Pocatello.

This week...
-Was PIE DAY and Kyle (will baptize John) made 26 pies from scratch!
-We had a slow morning so we made breakfast exciting when I ate a raw egg. Its recorded on my camera so you can see it after the mission.
-We participated in our first pinewood derby! I placed first racing someone's old car in the classic category.
-Relief Society Birthday Brunch since today is it's birthday!
-There was an ant invasion in our basement :P
-We went bowling and I beat all the Elders HAHA its really all thanks to the intermural bowling team I was on with James  and Meghan at BYU Idaho :)
-One of my zone leaders was transferred to IF Central.
 (I will email pictures of the above)

All is well! Spring is finally coming!!! Have a fantastic week everyone!

Sister Price

Thursday, March 13, 2014

John! 3-10-14

Hi :)

This past week our investigator John texted us saying that he made a decision. He then added that he received an answer in a dream that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is true and he needs to belong to it. We were so happy! We called him and set the date for March 22nd and 4:00pm. John is in our 7th Ward and his ward had ward conference. Stake President McNabb called John up to bare his testimony. John testified of the Book of Mormon and of its truthfulness, he added that he hadn't read all of it yet and cautioned everyone not to give away the ending. I couldn't help but cry. Sister Braegger looked over at me shocked because it was the first time she saw me cry. She cries a lot, in a good way, and she knows it so it's funny. Matter of fact she told a story last night and was crying and I asked "so how do you know that person?" and she said "well I don't." The story was from a tape she listened to once. Sister Braegger and I are best friends and both complete goofs.

Last Monday night we were out knocking on a members door to get to know them and ask if they knew anyone we could teach, but they weren't answering. Off in the distance walking our way. I sort of jokingly told Sis Braegger to pull her pepper spray out. The men got closer and we realized it was the Elders still in pday clothes...just a funny thing...maybe you had to be there.

We took Marian, our 4th Ward Investigator, on a church tour this week. She enjoyed seeing the baptismal font. We invited her to be baptized, but she said she isn't sure yet. We really see her progressing in the future.

All three wards we cover had a linger longer yesterday so I included some pictures!

Sister Price (BLUE)

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

A Week to Remember 3-3-14

This has been a very uplifting week. Just last night we decided to track in a complex. In doing so we taught one of our less actives and found a new investigator. The new investigators name is Cole and he happens to live with one of our members! He is in our YSA 7th ward. We set an appointment to meet Cole again and we are so excited. We can't see him until next Sunday though because he is on the Football team at ISU and has a super busy schedule. Finding him was all thanks to us following the promptings of the spirit. On Wednesday we will meet with John and later Lamine, our other investigators. Lamine is doing well with reading the Book of Mormon, but we have only been able to get him to church once. Sister Braegger and I love working together and are very motivated to go out and teach as much as possible. We know the work isn't all about numbers, but we get excited when we reach our weekly goals that we prayerfully considered.

A tragedy happened here in Pocatello recently. The Parrish family is a family devoted to hastening the work. They had two kids on missions, a daughter out for 15 months and a son out for 18. Brother Parrish was a ward mission leader. On Sunday Feb 23rd the Parrish parents and there two sons did not come to church. A couple related to them stopped by and found that the family had all slipped away in the night. The youngest boy had just turned 12 and was going to pass the sacrament the next day for the first time. His suit and tie laid on his chair in anticipation for the Sunday morning that never came. The service for the Parrish family was on Friday. We had the pleasure of singing in a missionary choir at the service. The two Parrish children that were on their missions have been honorably released to come home. Elder Corbridge of the Seventy came on behalf of the First Presidency and read a formal letter from the Presidency. Elder Corbridge spoke of how the family fulfilled their duty on earth as servants of the Lord and they did not die in vain. They could have all been saved, but our Heavenly Father called them home. Carbon Monoxide gas is what took their lives.

I'm so grateful for the knowledge and personal testimony that I have of the Plan of Salvation and the goodness of the gospel. Everyone deserves the opportunity to hear of it and accept it for themselves!

Last nights devo with Sister Burton was wonderful and on Thursday we had a great Zone Conference!

I love you all! Hope you had a happy birthday Olivia. Last year I got to visit you in Logan Utah for your birthday, that was so fun! Congratulations on getting into BYU Provo :D  Natalie all I have to say for you is Crawr HAMASHAKA. And Meredith I hope you get the courage to hold your hamster soon!

Sister Price (BLUE)

With Sister Braegger

She loves animals

#getcrunk 2-24-14

The email subject is my zones motto. My zone leaders are cray cray haha

Dear Loved ones
Sister Braegger and I rocked it this week. Especially considering how we have both gotten a terrible bug that has been going around, benefits of serving over a college campus. Friday we had to stay home because we were so sick. It was weird not being out and about. Nice part is that we are sick together. Things seem to be a gazillion times more funny when you are sick. Getting better everyday now.
So last week on pday we were playing dodge-ball and I got nailed in the face by the AP Elder McPhail who is also a former baseball pitcher. My eye was swollen shut for a couple hours so I looked like Rocky Balboa after a fight. It also was twitching funny so I looked ridiculous. Then I just had a yellow and purple bruise for a couple days. It was eventful.
Two of our investigators came to church yesterday! It is the best feeling ever when an investigator and less active show up or when you find out they have been praying and reading the Book of Mormon. 
This week on of the set of Elders in our District had a baptism. It was an older woman named Dorthy. It was a great service.
Shout out to Sister Violet Clara Merten! She goes to the Missionary Training Center to prepare for Armenia this week! WOW that is wonderful!
We are meeting wonderful people here! There are so many different stories. I would share them but there are to many to share. Our newest investigator is John. He is dating one of the less actives in our ward. He is going through a hard time right now so we can tell Heavenly Father has put him in our path for a reason. Lamine is doing great, he will actually be traveling to PSU to give a presentation for a project he has been working on. Since he has been so busy he didn't make it to church, but he has been reading the Book of Mormon. Sometimes we read with him and when it is his turn he reads in french and we follow along in English which is fun. I just enjoy hearing other languages.
Last night we knocked on a door for a less active woman named Cathryn. It was super dark and spooky. We think it was the wrong house. No one answered, but we saw a man through the window (aren't we creepy?) and a huge bong. So we are hoping she doesn't live there. We are considering returning during the daytime to at least invite the guy to learn about the restored gospel. Why not?

That seems about it for this past week. We didn't take very many pictures. So I included a random one of me that I took while on ward splits.
Sister Price