Saturday, December 21, 2013

Email sent 12-20-13

Yesterday it snowed and snowed so the square closed and we were all sent home at 1:30pm! I didn't know snow days were possible here. So we were allowed to just chill in our apartments. I napped because for the past 4 nights (except last night) I've been sleeping on the floor in other apartments due to carbon monoxide in my apartment. The carbon monoxide alarm went off while we were getting ready for church Sunday. Reminded me of when mom went to the hospital because of carbon monoxide poisoning, yikes. It was only our apartment that had the problem. The fire department came twice and both times detected high levels of it.
Temple Square has been great because every night there are just so many people here to talk to. Even if people just want us to take a picture for them it is just fun talking to many people. In the summer we rarely talk to people from around SLC. Now everyone we talk to is from Utah. The seasons really determine who comes here. I'm pretty sure all of China has been to Temple Square by now.
On Tuesday rather than giving a tour, we went on a tour! We got to go inside of the Conference Center and Tabernacle organ! It was awesome. I even got to play the Tabernacle organ. It was so fun. I'll include pictures! One picture is me inside the CC organ. You can see the seats on the other side. There is a picture of Sister Escobedo next to the tour guide and she is acting creepy, it makes me laugh.
Yesterday we had Relief Society at The actual Relief Society building and Sister Burton (The General Relief Society President) taught us. She is so sweet! She took the time to hug each of us.
Tomorrow night we get to go to a members home for dinner! You may be wondering why this is so significant? Well we don't get to be fed by members in my mission and this is my first time having dinner at a members home! Each district goes to a members home. My district consists of 6 sisters from California/Taiwan, Germany, Hong Kong, Mexico, and of course Pennsylvania/Ohio.
Happy Birthday Meredith! You are growing up so fast.
I really just don't know what else to say because I will be calling home on Christmas!!!! Wow! I love you all! Merry Christmas!
Sister Price (Blue)

in front of temple in the cold

The tabernacle

Email sent 12-13-12


Church Sunday was like any other Sunday. The five Sisters going home next transfer were on the stand about to talk and everyone was sitting reverently and waiting for the meeting to begin. Then Elder Quentin L. Cook walked in! That’s right an Apostle came and sat in on our mission sacrament meeting! It was exciting. That checks off another one on my list. I've met 5 of the 12 now. But I've only shaken Elder Perry and Elder Oaks hand. Still I've basically met all of them! And at church I couldn't stop staring at Elder Cook and he looked at me too! So I've made eye contact with 5 of the 12. Eye contact can be considered a mental handshake.

A year ago I sat in the BYU-Idaho Center watching the First Presidency Christmas Devotional. I remember thinking “I wish I could be there in person!” This year I got to watch it in person! The Christmas Devotional was wonderful! President Thomas S. Monson shared the following poem:

What can I give Him,
Poor as I am?
If I were a shepherd
I would bring a lamb.
If I were a Wise Man
I would do my part,
Yet what can I give Him?
Give my heart.

I hope that everyone at home is finding ways to give their heart to the Savior this Holiday season. Because just as President David O. McKay said, “True happiness comes only by making others happy…” The Primary General President, Sister Wixom spoke as well and she focused on “Except ye … become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.” I always think of ways to develop Christ-like attributes and become more like a little child. It is easiest when we better ourselves everyday rather than trying to change everything all at once. My favorite thing shared by Elder Rasband was how our opportunities to give our limitless. Don’t sit around asking “what can I do to give?” That is silly; there are opportunities all around us. Now the Hymn Have I Done Any Good is coming to my mind.
Here is the song “Have I Done Any Good” by Alex Boye and Carmen Rasmusen Herbert. The video is cheesy and makes me laugh. You can watch it on this link
(Skip to 2:30)

Our mission president has encouraged us to use one companionship study a week as time for media study to watch Mormon messages and other church media. That’s when I discovered the Alex Boye version of Have I Done Any Good. Below are two other videos I enjoyed. Please watch them! The first is a true story from John Bytheway. He actually shared the story at a Youth Conference tour that I took this past summer before it was made into a video. The next video is about Temple Square and can give you an idea of what it is like here and what I do. Sister missionaries from long ago are in it. I don’t know any of the sisters in the video.

I love when it says “then dream of your mansion above.” I’ve heard the words of Christ play at the Christus a hundred times and I could recite all the words said. What always stands out to me is when He says “…I go to prepare a place for you.” That reminds me that He really does know us individually and is watching over us constantly. Lastly, Russel M. Nelson spoke. I’ve actually gotten to see him in the Tunnels under Temple Square. His talk was incredible! Here is a link to watch it because my remarks on the talk can do no justice.
After the Christmas Devotional I ran into Justin Rupper. Last time I saw him was at the DC Temple with Sister Rupper. I hope to see that family again someday! It’s still hard to believe that they moved all the way to Hong Kong. Dad lost his only friend! Just kidding Dad, you have a ton of friends!
On Tuesday was mission training. Elder Clarke of the Seventy came with his wife to speak with us. To be honest I thought “okay this will be good but I will probably zone out half way through.” It was great! Or should I say exceptional! The training went from 8:00am-3:30pm and I wanted it to keep going. Elder Clarke walked in and we stood and he asked us “How are all of you?” We all replied “Good.” He said “No no no you are not ‘good’ you are exceptional!” He used the word exceptional a lot. I took a ton of notes from him. I’ll share some of the highlights in bullet points:
·         No one else can determine your happiness
·         God helps us when we are willing to change
·         Live with your heart, not your mind
·         Alma 13: 10-11 tells all of us sisters that we are ordained to marry someone who has the Melchizedek Priesthood
·         Jsmile because when you don’t smile you look 20 years older
·         I shouldn’t let anyone leave Temple Square without them knowing how I feel about the Savior
·         Converts remain poor until they learn how to pay tithing
·         Every time I take the sacrament I need to 1. Offer a prayer of gratitude 2. Be forgiven of one small sin 3. Renew my baptismal covenant 4. Find a solution to a problem
·         A friend makes you better, an enemy makes you worse
·         As we care about people they change us 

I could add a ton more bullets but those are just some. Elder Clarke also asked all of us to memorize the sacrament prayers, which I think is great! He even talked a lot about marriage. That surprised me because I didn't expect after mission life to be a part of the training. He encouraged all of us to get married quickly after our missions and not let University get in the way of it. He shared that he and his wife got married, were poor, and both worked while attending University. Elder Clarke went to BYU-Idaho! SWEET! One of the last things he told us was “don’t be perfect tomorrow; I don’t want you to be perfect! I want you to be a little better.”

Yesterday we called Dwain, our investigator from the UK. He is originally from Zimbabwe so he has an awesome accent. We reviewed everything we have taught him so far. Their is no reason to move forward until he understands what we have already shared. Best part is he believes everything we have shared! But two problems: 1. The local missionaries in his area haven't contacted him yet and we aren't able to help Dwain get to church and feel more ready for baptism because we only have phone contact so we can only encourage and support him, 2. Dwain struggles with prayer. He wont ever give us his word that he will pray because he doesn't want to disappoint us if he doesn't pray. I basically said, "We don't get a gold star over here when you pray, it isn't for us. We desire for you to pray, not for our benefit, but for yours...." and went on a little more about that. 

Since Sister Escobedo is ESL (english second language) she can say the funniest things. We were eating lunch and there was an abandoned jar of jam on the table that Sister Gee and I pointed out. Then Sister Escobedo said "If that is jam then what is this?" And she pulled out Hillshire Farm Ham. Sister Gee and I (the only Americans at the table) just busted out laughing. I'll point out that Sister Escobedo pronounces both jam and ham as ham. Maybe you just had to be there to experience how funny it was. 

So this transfer no new Americans came to our mission and I checked next transfers list and their and again no new Americans are coming.  

Tomorrow night I get to go to the Christmas Concert! I will be on exchange because we only get to go once on our mission and I will be leaving in a year. So Sister Escobedo will get to go next year. 

This email has grown!!! Sorry for rambling on so much. Oh one last story...

Yesterday morning I started a fire. The End. Just kidding I will share more. Every once in a while I manage to do something very silly. At home there were times I would be tired in the mornings and but milk under the sink and the windex in the fridge. Once I even sprayed my waffle with Pam after it had already been made. I wont even mention the Tide Pods (remember that one right before my mission mom?) Anyway yesterday I woke up and heated up water for hot chocolate and then poured it into a metal mug with a plastic handle. Then I drank it and it was still cold so I decided just to put the metal mug in the microwave (BIG MISTAKE). I sat at the table eating my oatmeal as the microwave ran. Then I saw white smoke so I ran over and saw flames bursting inside the microwave. I opened it and started blowing out the flames then I grabbed the mug (which was also dumb because it could have burned me) and threw it in the trash. The inside of the microwave looked horrible and it took forever to clean. I did my best and it looks great, excepts the roof of the microwave. It was the handle of the mug that caught fire. Hopefully future employers that I go to don't see this post on my blog on day. Yikes!

Anyway, take care everyone! Family, I will be calling you so soon! Woah! That is fun. Until then, happy day!


Email sent 12-6-13

Dear Everyone, 

My second transfer of my mission I experienced countless encounters with antimormons. I noticed that after every encounter something great would happen. I know that it was just Satan trying to bring my companionship spirit down before a prepared person came our way. Satan always failed! Same sort of thing applies to when times a hard...good usually follows when we endure it well. 

D&C 121: 8 And then, if thou endure it well, God shall exalt thee on high 

Last week was very hard, there are weeks like that. But this week was great! For those of you praying for missionaries, and or I, I've really felt those prayers this week. Ok family, you know I love the animated movie "Meet the Robinson's." I am going to relate to that again. We truly do determine the outcome of our situation. No one can determine our future for us, only we can. In the movie, Michael Goobian (Goob) spends his whole life focusing on the bad. He let himself live in anger because of one baseball game he lost. We can't go through life focusing on those bad baseball games. Sure, it is healthy to vent for a while, but eventually we must "Keep Moving Forward" as the movie says. 

This week Sister Escobedo and I spent a lot of time taking chats during the day, because no one is on the square during the day...all the people come at night. We answered many chats, most were trollers. Then we started talking with a woman from the UK and also a 19 year old girl from Texas. Both are now new investigators! 

A week ago today the Christmas lights turned on. The square is now packed every night! So many people come to see the lights. It is so fun! The chaos is exciting because there are just thousands of people to talk to. One man came up to me and asked "How do you know who to talk to? Do you figure out how to tell who are members and who are not?" I replied "Well I know to talk to you now that you approached me, but we are not here for just nonmembers or members, we are here for everyone!" He seemed confused then we chatted for a little more. Funny how some members avoid us because they figure "we don't need to talk to them because we are already members." We are representatives of Christ here for everyone. Christ loves us all equally and as His representatives we love everyone we meet equally...even those who yell and tell us we are going to burn and we aren't Christians. (Yes that has happened, it is scary)

Last night I got to go to the Latino Concert since my companion speaks Spanish. It was so great! I couldn't understand diddly squat, but it was still beautiful. My favorite song was one from Peru. Children came on the stage and danced in traditional Peruvian clothes. It was precious! Another reason why I liked that one so much has to do with the fact that James is serving in Peru. 

This Sunday is the 2013 Christmas Devotional and we get to go! Funny thing is some of our mission wont have if anyone comes you may see me standing in the standby line.

There has been snow since Tuesday. And it has been so cold since then! I've been bundled up though with mittens, my long coat, and boots. I also wear layers of tights and leggings. It is fun. The Tabernacle is dome shaped so every morning the sun unthaws the snow and ice on its roof. If you are walking by the Tabernacle and you hear a crack you better run, because ice and snow are about to fall on you! It is dangerous so there are caution signs everywhere. I saw an old couple walking and I heard a crack and the ice fell right behind them as they walked...lucky them. 

One nights we were playing Luke II for people and I met a woman who works behind the scenes with Studio C! We talked about the show and even quoted it. Then I remembered "I am not here to talk about BYU divine comedy!" You know how I get off track so easily. So then we started talking about Christmas. 

My invitation for everyone this season is to think of a gift they can give to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. Christ coming into the world was a gift for us, so lets give something back! Think of that and try and give your gift by Christmas.

Love you all, 
Sister Price (Blue)

Monday, December 2, 2013

If people want to find me SAVE

5:00-6:00pm God's Plan for his family. It is the movie thing I took you through on the tour and it is up around the Christus in the North Visitors Center. So basically my district and I will be there for an hour and talk to people in that area and take them through God's Plan. So keep in mind that I could be in the presentation if you don't see me, and I will be out soon 9:00-10:00pm I will be at Theater 3 which is a small theater downstairs in the North Visitors Center

No specific assignments so chances are slim to find me

11:00am-1:00pm Eternal Families desk in the South Visitors Center...good place to find me because I can talk more. It is the desk at the west entrance of the South Visitors Center. 5:00pm-6:00pm I will be at Theater 4 which is a large theater downstairs in the North Visitors Center

2:00pm-3:00pm I will be in the Tabernacle which is a good place to find me because I can talk more 9:00pm-10:00pm Christus Statue! I will be there with my district

Pday but you will find me on the square from 6-9

Square all day except at 8:00pm-9:00pm I'll be at Theater 4 which is a large theater downstairs in the North Visitors Center
3:00pm-4:00pm I'll be in the Assembly Hall (old church building on the square) which is a good place to find me because I can talk more
7:00pm-8:00pm Christus Statue! I will be there with my district

Letter sent 11-29-13

Dear familyski howya doski?
Thanksgiving was wonderful! We took one tour in the morning because the square was pretty empty. At 2:00pm the square closed and we went to this awesome venue called Noah's. We sang some songs and played games. Many rooms had different things going on. Sister Escobedo and I went to a movie room and watched Princess Bride! Which reminds me, wasn't Wesley (the main guy in the movie) one of Sydney's imaginary friends when she was little? I know she had George of the Jungle, but I think Wesley was one too. After the movie we went to eat! While waiting for other sisters to get their food they played music and we danced! It was so much fun. After the delicious feast we danced some more! Then we made a Christmas ornament for our missions tree and watched Monsters University! I love movies! It was great. After the movie ended we went to the roof and ice skated. Sister Escobedo was afraid so I would hold both her hands and skate backwards while she went forward. If I let go of her she refused to move. Eventually she decided just to watch. Sister Nakayama and I made a funny video on her camera...I skate and then slide on my belly under her legs. It is even funnier in slow motion. You will get to see the video after my mission. Dancing was so fun though! Sister Bee (not her real name, her real name is impossible to spell and say so even her tag says Sister Bee), well she did a fun Russian dance! Girls, it was like the Russian one on Just Dance that is impossible for us to do. It was so cool!
Tonight at 5:00pm the Christmas lights will turn on! It will be so beautiful, we are all so excited here! My new district this transfer is so cool. My district leader is from Hong Kong, her companion is from Germany, and the other sisters from our district are from Taiwan and Cambodia. Then Sister Escobedo from Mexico of course. So I am the only American in my district. This transfer we didn't get and new sisters from America! Most of them came from French Polynesia and Asia. So cool!
Yesterday we also got to call Dwain, our investigator from England. He kept his promise and this time he said the prayer on the phone. It was so great. He was nervous because he has never prayed out loud, but he did so well. Sister Escobedo and I met him on chat! 

Today we have to go to Walmart for groceries, but it is also black Friday. Yikes! Last year I was in Boise Idaho for Thanksgiving with Olivia and Meghan. That was fun. We went to Target for black Friday shopping. The crowd going in was running, so I ran too! Wow the things people do...just pray we don't get trampled in Walmart today.
On a good note I pet a dog yesterday! It was a pit bull mixed with something else. Oh it was so great to pet a dog! When are you going to mail Smitty and Lilly to me?
Well I don't know what else to say, I did just email you on Tuesday. So enjoy the pictures! I may send another email with more. Take care!
 PS Sister Nakayama baked me a pumpkin pie! Which explains the picture of me with a pie! Also my mission President is the man with both hands in the air
Sister missionaries of Temple Square
With the pumpkin pie Sister Nakayama made her

Sister Price ice skating

Letter send 11-26-13

Happy Thanksgiving!
Wow I love this time of year! Thanksgiving then Christmas. The final lights are being put up right now! It has been a work in progress since August! The manger on the reflection pool was put up last night and it is beautiful. Their is another nativity set up on the large lawn in front of the North Visitors Center. The dummies look so real. I have been temped to steal their clothes and take their spot...then start moving slowly when people walk by and freak them out. I have resisted that temptation, so far...
Thanksgiving plans for here are still a secret. It is all work on Thursday until the square closes at 4:00pm. We have no clue what happens after that. Hopefully some turkey, sweet potatoes, apple pie, pumpkin pie, and all that good stuff. Yumm I can't wait!
Izzy, I think I mentioned him before, is doing so well. Having Sister Escobedo as a companion has been great. She helps a lot because she is from the same religious background as Izzy. Plus they are both Mexican so they connect on that level. Izzy is only 15 but he knows the Bible so well and now he is studying the Book of Mormon. It is wonderful.
Sister Escobedo turned 21 on Sunday! I told her "Hey now you can drink!" (Common mormon joke since we don't drink.) Then I learned the drinking age in Mexico is 18! Wow. I baked her a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. Mom, you will be so disappointed...I bought icing in a jar! You are the master of icing...but it was just the easier option here.
Once a week we meet with our District. It is always helpful to receive insights from other Sisters. My District leader is Sister Olongayo from the Philippines. Her trainee Sister Thrusiglio from Italy made all of us lasagna! Her mom is a cook in Italy. Wow it was so delicious.
Transfer conference was yesterday morning at 7:00am. I am staying with Sister Escobedo! She is so amazing. Heavenly Father truly put her and I together for a reason. She has taught me way more than I feel I've taught her. It will be fun being with her for the Holiday Season. My new zone is North 3 and our assignment is just square! No more West Gate. My last time at West Gate will be tomorrow 12-3. I'll miss it there. Our new preparation day is Friday so we have two pdays this week! This mission is the only mission where that happens during transfer week. Also, I am staying in the same apartment. I've never had to move which is nice.
Sister Doraiswamy comes back from Florida tomorrow and Sister Humble leaves for Seattle Washington tomorrow for her outbound! I will probably go outbound after this new transfer. I am going into my 4th tomorrow.
Well I love you all. Enjoy your Thanksgiving!
P.S. Saw the Prophet President Thomas S. Monson at Music and The Spoken Word on Sunday. No big deal, actually HUGE DEAL WOW.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

November 19, 2013

Dear Family, 

Everyday we have time set aside to make calls, take calls, and take chats in the teaching center. Many chats that we get are just people arguing and saying we aren't Christians. Sister Escobedo and I sometimes laugh at what people say and other times we throw our hands up in frustration and then grab the arm rests. Our purpose is to invite others to come unto Christ by helping them receive the restored gospel through faith, repentance, and baptism. We are not here to defend our beliefs but to declare them. 

Earlier this week we took a chat from a 17 year old priest living in England. He asked a simple question "Should I get my ear pierced?" After typing back and fourth about it he said...well I would take it out for church. I thought PERFECT and thought of Elder Hollands talk Israel Israel God Is Calling ( you should read it) Read it for yourself. But we got to the point of talking about how we should never leave our religion--leave our standards--at the door. The 17 year old priest signed off after saying we made an excellent point and he no longer wants to get his ear pierced. 

This past week could perhaps be my hardest week so far, but it has been the best for my development as a missionary. Everyday I see God blessing me in ways I feel I don't even deserve. He truly loves each of us so much. He want us to return to Him again. 

It is the last week of my third transfer. I will have a new assignment and zone starting next Wednesday. So I will also get a new preparation day. If my new pday is Wed, Thurs, or Fri, then I will have two Pdays next week...I don't know what I would do with the extra time. Sister Escobedo and I should be together next transfer so that I can finish training her. She is doing well. Sometimes I get annoyed with myself because I feel bossy correcting her English and how to phrase things or how to follow the schedule. I'm sure the girls are thinking "Bossy? You are always bossy Becca!" Okay, so maybe that is true, but we are all bossy in some sort of way!\

This transfer went by so quickly! I just realized I haven't run into anyone I know very well this transfer and all the other transfers I had. 

I miss Sister Humble and I am going to miss her even more because she is going outbound! She doesn't know where to yet. She and I just got the job done! Guess what our biggest problem was?...having too many people to teach! Is that even possible? I don't know but it was an amazing transfer with her. Her companion she is with now has lost her uncle and grandpa recently and is struggling so I think she misses me too. 

My card reader was silly and erased my photos from this past week...which is sad because I drew Christ holding a sheep on a dry erase board and took a picture of it. It said "Feed my sheep." I will have to draw it again. Well I included cardboard birds that I cut out. It was slow at west gate so I took some trash and scissors and made little birds! My crafty side comes out every now and then. 

Lots of LOVE!

PS See the picture of me making a weird face while at the MTC?...isn't the painting in the background beautiful? 

PPS I don't proof read my emails so forgive me if something makes ZERO sense

Sunday, November 17, 2013

November 12, 2013

Rebecca's email from last week

Dear Family, 

Tonight is the Missionary Fireside we have been practicing for! I am very excited. The music should be wonderful. The best part is we all walk in carrying our flag. I love America! And we wave them around and stuff. It is fun. 

Oh dear I have no idea what to email about this week! Well, Sister Escobedo and I have had so much luck finding people to teach. This past week we started teaching Dwain from England, Tia from Philadelphia, Mariah from somewhere in the US (I forget where), and 4 people from Guatemala and Chile! The Lord is preparing souls for us to teach. 

Sister Escobedo passed off in English and Spanish this week so we got a free dinner at the Lion House! Yum! Their bread rolls are delicious and I got the artichoke chicken for dinner which was super yummy. 

I'm looking in my journal to see what else I can tell you about. Lately I have been better at writing in my journal! The one I started at the MTC is very close to being filled so soon I will start writing in the one the Taylor family got me before I left. 

This 13 year old boy named Cohen keeps calling me because he wants to learn about the church! But I can't talk to him until I get his parents permission. It is a very complicated situation. He is from North Carolina and has the sweetest southern accent. Pray that I will be able to talk to his parents and get permission to teach him, maybe even his whole family! He went to church with his friends and loved it. Sometimes it is hard teaching over email and phone because we miss out on face to face interaction. 

Last night my roommates, Sister Dantas from Brazil, Sister Richardson from North Carolina, and Sister Escobedo, and I sung nursey rymnes to each other to compare the different languages. It was fun. Then we all sang the Itsy Bitsy Spider in our own language out loud. So English, Portuguese, and Spanish all at once. Simple things can be so fun. 

I briefly heard about a storm going through the Philippines. We have six sisters from there and they had no idea what happened until people came on the square to them saying: "Is your family in the Philippines safe from the hurricane?" That is how we found out about it. That would be hard. I'm keeping all the victims in my prayers. 

Love you all! Take care!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Email Sent 11-5-13 (LET IT SNOW)

Dear Price Family,
This morning (6:00am early to leave the apartment) my companion and I were walking down the apartment stairwell to head to the temple and I heard a very familiar sound...a snow plow! Sister Escobedo opened the door, screamed, and stepped back. It was a blizzard outside! She has NEVER seen snow like this before so she has scared and it was hilarious! It was a good thing I decided to wear my long coat and gloves this morning. Our blinds are always closed and outside our window is just a stone ally so we hadn't checked to see what the weather was like before we left. I showed Sis Escobedo how to make a snow ball, it was cool. Anyway, snow is absolutely beautiful and I love it! I enjoy how Smitty always turns into a snow dog when he runs outside in the snow. It all sticks to him.
Things with Sister Escobedo are going great. She is very sweet and loving. It is funny how she talks sometimes. Things translate differently and she says stuff like "lets make a prayer" rather than "lets say a prayer." The way she words things can often make conversations with people on the square awkward, but funny. A while back I asked her what Mexican people say for awkward and she said "que oso" which technically means "what bear." So now I say "que oso" or even just "what bear" and it makes her laugh.
Best thing about my companion and I is we are well balanced and unified. When we teach, neither one of us owns the conversation. It is nice. It hasn't been like this the entire time together. At first during tours I would look at her to speak and she would give me a blank stare so I would just keep talking. But now she knows what to say. I think she always knew what to say, I just needed to boost her confidence. Everything she says is so golden, I love when she shares her conversion story with guests. Every time she does they are so interested and keep asking more questions. She has been a member for 6 years. Her former high school is now the Mexico City MTC.
This morning we called our amazing investigator Kelly. We met Kelly on chat. This is her second time investigating the church. Kelly already knows everything! But she tells us she wants us to teach her everything again so she can review. She even goes to and reads talks and studies the Book of Mormon. It is wonderful. Sadly, her local missionaries have a virus and can't visit until they are better. Hopefully she can get to church soon!
For Halloween we all gathered into one of the theaters and got to watch Narnia! It was fun, but also weird watching an actual movie.
For Relief Society on Thursday (yes we have it on Thurs) I was asked to dress up as a disney princess and talk about what makes me a princess. We had Merida (from Brave), Cinderella, Mahama (from Johnny Lingo), Snow White, Ariel, and then Rapunzel! I was Rapunzel and I carried a frying pan and a stuffed chameleon. It was fun. Now some of the sisters will still call me Rapunzel. Even before I dressed up as her some sisters called me that already because of my long blonde hair. Speaking of which I am getting a haircut soon! Sister Ha from Korea cut hair in Gangnam (not sure if it is spelled right) and it is some high end place where celebrities basically I trust her.

My mind is blank now and I am not sure what else to say...I forget what has happened this past week because so much happened!
oh... HaPpY bIrThDaY MOM!! You are absolutely gorgeous and perfectly perfect in every way!
All my love,

Becca's first snowfall as a missionary
Sister Price is just a little chilly...

with her companion and other missionaries

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Email Sent 10-29-13

Dear Price Family,
My preparation day begins at 1:00 so we can work from 8:00am-1:00pm. In that time we got our flu shots, called our investigators in the teaching center, and took an amazing Spanish tour. It was a mother, her son who reports to the MTC tomorrow (going to Chicago), her daughter, and their grandmother. The mom spoke the least English, so my companion translated most of what I said. When we took them up to the statue of Christ or "Kristus" (called that because the original is in Denmark and Kristus is Danish for Christ) their eyes showed how beautiful they thought it was. They asked for us to take a picture. Sister Escobedo took the picture and I watched as the mother walked to the statue to touch Christ and she was not wearing her shoes. She had removed her shoes to go be by the statue. Suddenly the spirit overwhelmed me and I tried my best to hold back my tears. I thought of how Moses removed his shoes because he was on Holy ground. In the movie Charley I recall them saying something referring to Moses or something regarding removing shoes in holy places and they say "only those who notice" remove their shoes.
There have been many tours where I feel like my companion and I are only there to open the door for the spirit to testify to the visitor of the things we say. We want them to notice the spirit. We want them to notice the importance of Temples. We want them to notice that God loves us just us much as He loved His children during Biblical times, so we have a true living Prophet. Then we want them to act on their experience here. Not for our own benefit or personal gain, but for theirs! Because they are children of God and we are on His team. My companion and I can feel the spirit, but we need to open the door for others to feel it.
Yesterday Elder Oaks and his wife came and spoke to us! They spoke at the same time together and they went back on fourth teaching together. It was so precious! Sister Oaks was so sweet, whenever she joked Elder Oaks would step back, fold his arms, and laugh. It was awesome! The main thing I got out of their message is "the Lord will give you what you need, our prayers may not be answered in the way we want." I like this because so often with our investigators, they feel like their prayers aren't being answered. I love when we speak to them on the phone and help them notice the blessings God has given them.
On Saturday I went to my first baptism! It wasn't technically my first baptism, but it was the first one I've actually attended on my mission since my investigators are from all over the world. It was in Spanish, so half the time I wore a translator. There were two people translating and whenever one spoke, all I heard was gum chewing so I would take the head phones off. You know how I feel about gum...Anyway...I was so surprised as to how much I understood from the baptism! Dora and her son were baptized and Dora's testimony of the church was so powerful. When I saw Dora come out of the water she seemed different and I knew it was because she was perfectly clean.
Everything seems so fine and dandy so far? Well...driving home from the baptism Sister Escobedo realized that we missed our 12:00 Flag Pole tour and neglected to find cover for it. Some other sisters realized and took it, but I was so frustrated! I felt so mad at myself for neglecting to find cover for that tour. I felt like Nephi when he says oh wretched man that I am. It is also frustrating because I had messed up in the eyes of my trainee (or so I thought). After secretly feeling sorry for myself and being mad I realized that I was being dumb. And I was being dumb! So then I went to work and contacted two knew referrals who instantly became new investigators. Marissa, who is from Australia, and Ann who is from...actually I forget where Ann is from (well this is awkward). But they are two amazing woman who have been prepared for the gospel thanks to their member missionary friends.
This Thursday is Halloween! The Square will close early, at 5:00pm. Because otherwise pranksters and creepers would come on the square. So from 5:00pm-9:00pm we get to wear preparation day clothes and party in the South Visitors Center basement! It will be fun.
WOW there is just so much to say in one email! But I think I will leave it at that!
All my love,
Sister Rebecca Price
P.S. Fall is at it's peak here and it takes a lot inside to keep me from running around and throwing leaves in the air. I remember how in the fall in Cleveland all the geese from Canada would be stopping to head South even more and I would chase them around with the girls. Okay, so maybe it was just me that chased the birds, but still. Do you all remember that?

Oh Rebecca

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Quick update on Sister Price!

This is Rebecca's most recent email and pictures.

My new companion is Sister Escobedo and she is from Mexico City! Since my assignment is West Gate I expected an American companion. When my name was called to be paired with a Mexican sister my face lit up and I ran out of my aisle and pulled her into my arms. Her English is good because she worked at a call center in Mexico. But I still have to help her out some times and correct her pronunciation. Now that I have a Spanish companion I am teaching Spanish speakers in Columbia, Argentina...and wait for it....PERU! (Lima to be exact). We teach on the phone and she translates for me. I can understand more than I thought I would be able to, but they talk so fast so it makes things difficult. We also take Spanish chats on mormon.orgtogether. My first Spanish chat was a person from Ecuador then someone from Peru. When I want to message on the chat I just say English and what I know of Spanish then Sister Escobedo tells me how to type it in Spanish.
Temple Square is way less busy now. It drives me crazy because I have way more down time than I have become use to. Even West Gate is less busy. So I read Our Heritage. Once I am done reading that I will read Jesus The Christ. Of course I am doing this as I read the Book of Mormon and Bible as well. We now have 1 hour dinner. I am use to only having 30 min for dinner. So it is different. With less people on the square means less tours. We have only taken 2 tours in the past week :( so sad. Once the Holiday lights are on more people will come to Temple Square!
Lately my companion and I have been focusing a lot on our investigator Tiffany. She is from United States! Oklahoma to be exact. She is a busy mother and really pleasant to talk to on the phone. Tiffany is having a lot of personal struggles. I wish I could just give her a big hug. I love all the people we teach here.

Sadly, antimormons come onto mormon.orgchat and break my heart. I try not to let contention swell in my heart. I remember that they are children of God too and He loves them. They made the same decision that I made to come here to earth. With anti's the best thing to do is just keep the conversation peaceful and brief. Arguing with Book of Mormon and Bible passages is not the way to go.
This week Sister Hale, who was in my MTC District, came to me and told me that she thinks that I have really changed since the MTC. Then she and her companion left a note in my mailbox that was so sweet and made my day. It was really sweet of her to saw that. It is hard to explain how I have changed. But it is all for the better. 

Thanks for all you do! Let me know what I can do for you!
Love Blue!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Pictures sent October 15 and link to SLC Temple Square mission blog

This is the link for the Salt Lake City Temple Square Mission! Check it out!

Email from Sister Price sent October 15, 2013

Dear Family,
Sister Humble and I will no longer be companions as of tomorrow. I will miss her. She and I have become best friends. We feel like we have known each other for years, but also feel we have only been together for a short time. Her new companion is Sister Takahashi from Canada. Sister Takahashi has been out for 6 transfers I think.
Now for my new companion...well I have no clue who she is because she is COMING FROM THE MTC! That's right! I am training! I am the youngest Sister ever to train at temple square so far. I am so excited! But also shocked because I am only going into my third transfer! President Monson's words have been comforting me as I mentally prepare to train, “When we are on the Lord’s errand, we are entitled to the Lord’s help. Remember that whom the Lord calls, the Lord qualifies.”
My "baby" (as we call the trainees here) is arriving tomorrow morning and I will find out who she is at 1pm! I can't wait! My MTC companion, Sister Nakayama, is training too! How lucky and awesome is that?! She and I had so much fun being sister training leaders for those 20 days at the MTC and now we will both be training!
This past Sunday we spoke at a homeless branch. It was so humbling. We spoke very briefly and simply, because most of the people who come aren't even members. During sacrament I sat by a woman named Michelle. She has a walking disability and is so sweet. She brought her own green hymn book to church! I invited her to come to temple square so I could see her again and I mentioned the Christmas lights then asked her what her favorite holiday is, she repleid "hmm probably Hanukkah because I am Jewish."  Michelle was so precious! I attached a picture of me with a bag. The branch presidents wife gave me a goodie bag filled with candy, soap, a pillow case, and wash cloth for speaking at the homeless branch.
With the new transfer tomorrow means new roommates. Sister Dantas has been out one transfer more than me and she is from BRAZIL! She will be my new roommate along with her baby who comes tomorrow. I will really miss rooming with Sister Gudiel from Honduras. She and I are best friends and I really want to visit her in Honduras one day.
Funny story, my roommate Sister Torres from Mexico was frustrated with another Sister and said "I'm going to kill you Sister Peters!" But she was KIDDING (of course) and then added..."Just kidding Sister Peters I am so candy." We were all confused, what she meant to say was "...I am so sweet." It was hilarious! Sister Torres is still learning English. Once she was just walking and moved her body and said "Oh I love the window!" and what she meant to say was "Oh I love the wind!"
Below I also attached pictures of the mission board and my West 1 zone. Guess what?! I will be at West Gate for another transfer!!! I am so happy! Usually sisters are only there for two transfers, but I will be in there for my third. It will be fun training there. My p-day will be on Tuesdays again.
All my love,
Blueski (as dad would say)
P.S. Natalie and Sydney, Please update my blog! :) THANK YOU!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Last Week in Temple Square!

Sister Shumate and I! She went to BYU-Idaho too and is serving in Idaho. Her mission will include the Idaho Falls Visitors Center. Any missionary going to a visitors center comes to Temple Square for training one day. In one photo we are holding to the iron rod that leads to the tree of life! I helped make the tree--you know how I can't pass the chance to work on a craft.
Sister Shumate and I

Me with the fan that the one and only Meredith Lee Price made and mailed to me--thanks Mere Bear!

Sister Humble and I in the teaching center where we teach investigators over the phone and email. We also take inbound calls for the church and chats here. If you ever go to and chat with Becca that is me! We use our first names on chat.

Clara and I

Friday, October 4, 2013

Rebecca's most recent email!

On Saturday I was on exchange with my zone leader Sister Hvistendahl from Denmark/Greenland. We were talking to a group of old people and when we said goodbye one of the woman became very emotional, grabbed my hand, pulled me in for a huge hug, and said I remind her of her granddaughter Hailey. It was so sweet, yet unexpected. Hugs are the best (only from girls-NO BOYS) since I don't have momma here to give me hugs. 

My companion and I are old people magnets. Our newest investigator is Wendy. She is from Nevada and is interested mostly because she is preparing to die and she feels it is what she should do. However, we did learn that her father was a less active member and she actually knows a lot about the church. We are just helping her nourish and strengthen her own faith and testimony.
On Wednesday Sister Humble and I took about 7 Norwegians on a tour and they were super interested in the Book of Mormon so we gave them one. We also gave them The Living Christ, Family Proclamation, and Articles of Faith in Norwegian.
Whenever I happen to meet a member they usually ask: "How many nonmembers do you usually get?" I will answer this question for all of you. On an average day I do not talk to any members of the church (except for other missionaries of course). The only time we talk to a lot of members are Sunday's and when big events on Temple Square take place. Thousands of nonmembers come here everyday! Friday and Saturday nights are date nights so we see students being all lovey dovey eww around temple square. Creeps me out! haha.
General Conference is this weekend so 99% of the people I talk to are going to be members. I am so excited for conference! I will be attending one session, but I don't know which one yet. I've been hearing (through email and letters) of people who I know who are coming. Of course I hope those people will find me, but I don't want anyone I know to see me! I've become (as Sister Doriaswamy from India would say) "fat with the weight."
We got to attend the General Relief Socity broadcast! We sat in the front section on the far right, I will probably be found there at General Conference as well. The meeting was wonderful! I loved hearing all the speakers. As Elder Holland and Elder Christofferson walked out they blew kisses to us temple square sisters! It was so precious!