Wednesday, June 25, 2014

June 25, 2014 One year mark soon? WOW!

Another transfer with Sister Wu in the Beehive house :) We have a new District Leader though: Sister Marambio from Chile! So fun. She is a sweetheart. Even though Sister Wu and I are staying together, we have been assigned a new apartment. We just moved down the hall though. Our roommates are Sister Bernhardt (France) and her trainee who arrives tomorrow, also Sister Cummings (Hawaii) and Sister Lee (Hong Kong). Should be fun.
I think they moved me there so I would help clean it. Moving in yesterday I got side tracked cleaning the kitchen. For the sake of mankind I did not take a before picture. Enough said. While cleaning Sister Cano (PERU) joined me and we are instant friends! HOORAY!
A Chinese visitor referred herself on Saturday. That is a miracle! She is from China, but going to school in California so we can teach her :) we gave her a tour of the Beehive house and she had a lot of great questions.
BEST PART OF THE WEEK: Our investigator Hao Tinting got baptized. She is from China and attends the Chinese Branch near U of U's campus. We arrived early to help her get ready and calm her nerves. I even braided her hair for her. She is the sweetest. The font water was freezing, but she endured. The baptism service was conducted in Chinese, but translated to English for the people like me.
Sister Wu has a cousin from Hong Kong, Yuekai, that is in the Chinese Branch in Salt Lake. Her cousin was baptized in Hong Kong. That opened the door for Sister Wu and her mother. He was at the baptism and brought Sister Wu a huge box of Chinese food. He included a bag of "American food" for me,  with chips, skittles, and chocolate.
I am not sure what else to enjoy your week everyone.
Much love,
Sister Price

Left:Hao Tingting and the elders over the Chinese Branch

Right:Elder, Yuekai, Sister Wu and I after the baptism 

Left: Random Picture
after the baptism

Right:My zone leaders from last transfer
Picture of the Temple

Saturday, June 21, 2014

我爱甜甜圈 (6-18-14)

Chinese is intense, I can say "hello, I am Sister Price" and "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints" and "Please, don't take a picture." I also can say a couple random words that aren't very helpful except for making Sister Wu laugh.
This morning the sisters at the MTC visitors center training came for a tour. Sister Wu and I got to take them around. The majority are coming to Temple Square next Wednesday! SWEET. Two cool places they are from: Madagascar and Vietnam. I would love to train again, but who knows what is in store for me next transfer.
Transfer day is next Wednesday so I may have a new Pday and wont be on email until that comes around...could be 7-13 days until my next pday.
Sister Escobedo is going outbound! WOAH. I will miss that Mexican while she is away. President is only having sisters go for 2 transfers now. No more crazies going out for 3 (like I did.)
The newest thing at Temple Square is the language program! MIRACLE! 25 sisters are really struggling with English. Since they take so many tours in their native language, English is even more hard to learn. 70 ESL sisters signed up to be interviewed for the program. There are 3 different English class levels. 12 sisters per level. Sister Wu made the cut and could not be happier. For her interview they recorded her talking and she is in fear that the world will hear her recording. I made the cut too and I am in the lowest level, just kidding :P The program is 2 hours a day starting tomorrow. It is with MTC language instructors and I am not sure how long the program will run day wise.
We have had a fun week at the Beehive house. Some tours are just so fun because of the cool people. We took around people from England, Ireland, New York (wit de accent), China (of course), and other places I already forgot...
Adam Clapp visited a couple times. Sister Wu and I got to give him and his friend a tour. It was fun time.
On fathers day we took a large mandarin group (40+ people). Sister Wu translated for 3 sisters including myself. We were sharing how in the temple families are sealed, then I said in the microphone "Today is Father's Day in America! Thank you Fathers!" Those that understood English cheered and then everyone cheered once Sister Wu translated what I said into the microphone. It was precious. Asian people are so gentle and sweet.

In other new the following is a new mormon message. Grandpas on motorcycles!

Sister Price

1. a beautiful rainbow after a rainy day
2. The bird that flew into our apartment and spazzed out. I caught it and eventually it flew away again. It reminded me of Natalie ;)

Happy Fathers Day! (6-11-14)

It has been a busy preparation day as always. We went to celebrate our district leaders birthday! It was a fun time. Then we went grocery shopping, it stresses me out!
Adam and Jamie from my outbound are in Salt Lake City today. Any minute now they should come to the library where I am emailing, FUN!
Happy Fathers Day!
SWEET they came and we talked for a while, it was fun. Friday I will see Adam again and Sister Wu and I will give him a tour.
This is a very short email, but just know I am well and alive! So take care everyone!
Sister Price

East 2 Zone (6-4-14)

Another busy week at Temple Square. We take tour after tour at the Beehive house and the days we don't have Beehive, we are busy with tours on the square. I ran into a good friend from my outbound YSA Ward, Morgan Heeder. It was nice to see a familiar face.
The Square opens at 8am. That is when personal study (PS) would normally take place, with companionship study (CS) following. We have "early" morning schedule. So we go to bed at 10:15pm and get up at 6:15am. We are on the Square at8am and we go home for 6:45 PS and then 7:45pm CS with planning for the next day from 8:45-9:15pm. I actually like this schedule because I enjoy studying on the porch and looking at the Square while the day is ending.
Yesterday we took a large youth conference group through the Beehive group. Throughout the tour I kept wondering if I was like them when I went to YC... It was an interesting tour
Sister Wu and I are doing well. She is a funny one. We get along and have become well balanced in our English tours. Chinese tours are interesting. They just want to take pictures of EVERYTHING! Sister Wu taught me how to say "please don't take a picture" to keep them from taking pictures of her and I. For security reasons people need to be in the picture with us. 

Since we are busy with Chinese tours, we don't have as much teaching time in the call center. But we are still doing missionary work so it doesn't bother me. The work is hastening despite the efforts of those against us.

Isn't that awesome! The time is NOW!

Our district is very unified, we all love each other and we are all so different. We don't have any two sisters in our district from the same country.

That is all for now!
Sister Price

From left to right in the picture: Jager Germany, Tupou Tonga, Hoffman Brazil, Salapo Samoa, Price AMERICA, Nakamatsu Japan, Cardus Argentina, and Wu Chengdu China.

来自Price姐妹的邮件 (5-28-14)

It has been a very busy week at the Beehive house and Temple Square in general. Yesterday we took a fun tour from England and the Netherlands. I enjoyed their accents and they were very interested in our beliefs and history, but not in applying it to their lives.
Hope everyone had a great Memorial Day! We didn't do anything to celebrate. The tourists still come on holidays. I did wear red, white, and blue for the occasion though.
Hai Xin is an exchange student from China that we have been teaching. She will be baptized on June 1st! Also, Emrey, a girl that Sister Humble and I taught last fall got baptized while I was baptized! It was great to hear that as well as many other miracle stories of those I taught before I went to Idaho.
Only 2 pictures this week. We have no time to take pictures. The black thing on my ankle is a brace thing. That one leg fell in a post hole on a farm a couple days before I returned to SLC. So it is healing. The fall was funny because my entire right leg fell into the hole, I didn't touch the bottom of the hole so yeah.
Serving in the Beehive house is great. It is just a matter of getting the history right and studying the right material so that way we aren't teaching lies.
All is well here. Love you!
Sister Price

Mandarin Tours- Celebrities- WoRk work wOrK (5-21-14)

It has been a week now that I have been back in the Temple Square Mission and things are going well. My companion, Sister Wu, is mandarin speaking so we have been kept very busy with mandarin tours. I forgot how much work there is to do at Temple Square. We serve in the Beehive house and the history seems to be coming very fast, still there is so much more to study about it. 

Elder Clarke of the seventy has come again, since we now have a new mission president. I am lucky to have gone to two mission tours with Elder Clarke!
So far I've learned how to introduce myself in mandarin, say I love you, and thank you grandpa, plus a couple random words. Not sure if I will learn anymore mandarin, its very difficult.
Tomorrow my companion and I are teaching the Relief Society lesson, it is about faith. Another companionship is doing the repentance portion of the lesson.
My new district leader is Sister Cardus from Argentina. Everyone else in my district is from Brazil, Tonga, Samoa, Switzerland, Japan, and China of course. My zone leaders are from England and New Zealand. I am the only American in my district, pretty cool. Our mission is getting less and less Americans each transfer. We need more language speakers.
This week I saw David Archuleta! WOW! We made eye contact but I didn't get to talk to him. He was on the Square with friends. He is a very small guy. I did formally meet Alex Boye!!!!
That was super awesome. At music and the spoken word he sat right in front of me, it was legit.
We took an awesome mandarin tour. The family loved us so much that the next day they came and brought us homemade dumplings. They were so good and reminded Sister Wu so much of home that she began to cute.
Sister Wu is very sweet and loving. We get along well. She is still fairly new to the mission and still working on her english so we are working on the language barrier still.
The apartment that I live in has a porch with a beautiful view of Temple Square so before I get in bed I can look out the window and see the Temple, it is great.
I've already seen two woman from my YSA wards along with their boyfriends/fiance...awkward. There are so many brides here again!
Temple Square is still beautiful and the best mission ever! I love it here. Have a great week everyone!
Much love, 
Sister Price (Blue)



So returning to Temple Square feels so funny! I feel like I've been away for ages. A lot has changed since I have been gone. Seeing a lot of familiar faces is great! When I saw Sister Humble she ran and jumped into my arms. I accidentally bit her arm haha. Still have not seen my MTC companion Sister Nakayama. 

Not sure what else to say since I emailed all of you just a couple of days ago. 

I am in the East 2 Zone so I will be in the Beehive house a lot! I am excited since I don't even know the history there yet, I have some studying to do. People looking for me will have trouble since I could also be in the Beehive House. 

This is my first Mandarin companion and it is tourist season! We will be so busy with Mandarin tour after tour. Temple Square is so busy! Back to 30 min lunches so there is more time for tours :)

Last night in Pocatello-Packing last night went better than I expected. We have to burn our one comes to pick it up. So we spent a while burning garbage. While it burned I played fetch with a german shepherd. Then we stopped because I was tired of retrieving... Just kidding. He would bring me a small rock and brought the same rock back every time. It was impressive, especially when I chucked it in with the horses and it was pitch black out. 

This morning I loaded the car and went into a field with 5 horses to feed them, then we left for the airport. Seems as though I talk about animals a lot. Well since I am back in the city it wont happen as much.

Yesterday we went with the elders for service at a farm. We dug holes for posts and helped bandage a cow. Its ear was bleeding so much that there were puddles of blood everywhere. Now I have a farmers tan, more like a farmers burn. My arms are red. 

Awkward my companion and I were talking to loud and when we stopped a sassy lady glared at us and said "thank you" anywho

Have a wonderful week! Talk to you all next Wednesday at 1pm Mountain Time :)

Sister Price

BYE Pocatello :( HELLO Salt Lake City :) (5-12-14)

So on the 7th I was transferred to Inkom to cover 3 family wards for just a week. My companion for the week is Sister Newman from California, she has been out 6 months. Its weird having been over the same area for 17 weeks and now just fill in for Inkom for one week. But serving in Inkom is so distracting! There are horses, cows, dogs, and cats left and right! My ADD (Animal Distracted Disorder) is through the roof out of control. I've even had a dream about breaking rules and going horse back riding :)

At one dinner appointment there was an abandoned kitten that we tried to save. It died... Rest In Peace unnamed little kitty. Remember how I would pray for the neighborhood cat in family prayers growing up? Oh RIP Mittens. My cat allergies are basically gone so that is cool news.

Skyping home was so fun! The word Skype sounds violent! I skyped my family (sounds evil). We went to the Clark's home for Skype. They are awesome! Next summer they are hosting this huge camp out fun week with horses, disc golf, fires, swimming, all that good stuff, and they invited me and said I should bring a potential husband with me... if I am in Idaho next August I am totally going. They also have 3 dachshunds that are cute so that was fun.  

On Saturday we visited my now old Pocatello area (only 15 min North of Inkom) for Harley's baptism! It was awesome. I got called up to share my testimony since I was the only missionary there that had actually done the teaching. I basically just cried a lot. The mission has made me even more emotional? yikes. 

Wednesday at 1:05 I will land in Salt Lake! CRAY CRAY as rawrh Mere and Nat would say. I am excited to return but also nervous :o

Last Monday evening I went to the departing missionary dinner. One Elder going home is from Lima Peru! So I told him about Elder Perryman in Chiclayo and the Elder told me about Chiclayo. He says Arequipa is the nice mission because it is like Europe and Chiclayo is the sketch one. All the leaving missionaries shared there testimonies and I cried of course. 

Not sure what else to add. You are all awesome! Especially MOMMA'S! 

Sister Price

byebye POKEY SOUTH ZONE :( Last week (5-5-14)

Happy Mother's Day! But who am I kidding... every day is mothers day off. Moms are constantly getting spoiled... JUST KIDDING :P

This Sunday I will skype home! Don't know what time or any of that nonsense so just keep a look out for a phone call so I can arrange it. Have the laptop ready. 

Sister Bragger and I have seen so much happening in our area! It will be sad to leave but we are excited for the work that will happen with the two sisters taking our spot. This past week our investigator Adam was baptized and confirmed. We have become attached to the people we teach, which makes leaving even harder. I know that I am meant to return to Temple Square though. Another miracle is Harley. Elder Card and Elder Chavarria found him, taught him the restoration and committed him to be baptized. It's wonderful when other missionaries follow the spirit and in effect our area is blessed.  Harley is in our area so they handed him off to us. We had to post pone the baptism as Harley just recently finished chewing. His testimony and love of the gospel is powerful! He will be baptized this Saturday. I will have been blessed to teach three people (John, Adam, and Harley) from start to baptism during my time in Pocatello. 

On Wednesday Sister Braegger is getting transferred to West Yellowstone to teach and baptize the buffalo. I am super jealous. I will be with two other sisters in my area until I leave for Temple Square. So I will show them the ropes of YSA then leave them to fend for themselves. I am excited to return and to give tours to people from around the world! Also to see all the wonderful sisters that I know and love at Temple Square. 

Did everyone watch Elder Ballards CES Devotional? I will be honest...both Sister Braegger and I passed out sleeping in the chapel during it. Even the Elders called me out as looking dead. I did catch the part about technology but didn't comprehend the pornogrophy and marriage portion as I was in and out of it. We went to a "finals feed" break the fast right before. Since the YSA have finals this week it is called a finals feed. There were sleeping pills in that food...or we are just working so hard we can no longer function normally. 

Today we are going bowling with Adam and Jamie! Should be good clean fun. That's really all I have to say about that. 

This week I caught a baby bunny! SO CUTE.

Have a great week

Sister Price (Blue)

1. the dog is Jack! He wanders the neighborhood and might have rabies (Just kidding...or am I?)
2. Us at a bonfire with our 7th ward. Notice the USA chair!
3 and 4. Captured bunny!
5. Jimmy Johns


April is showered with baptisms! (4-28-14)

Dear Family, 

This past week was so great! Best conversion story I've yet to experience-ADAM! He will be baptized this Wednesday. I will save his story for after my mission. He is from Medina, OH! Cool, right? Also, he got Sister Braegger and I donuts and you all know how much I love donuts so Adam is pretty awesome. 

Mission President has a standard of excellence that every companionship baptizes every month. He really put some focus on that this April. Following John Yourston's baptism in March Sister Braegger and I were struggling to get the work going. We were out searching and working everyday, but seeing little results. Everyone in the Zone had a baptism date, except for us. Everyone was praying for our area and we fasted to find someone. Miracles have happened and we are teaching more people than we ever have before! Becca S is one of our investigators. She is super cool as she looks just like Kora from The Legend of Korra! She even has a white dog (polar bear dog) that resembles Kora's. So I'll have to take a picture of her. I know my younger sisters know what I am talking about. Harley is another awesome investigator of ours. He has a baptism date set for May! The Pocatello Mission is baptizing a lot this month!

Cousin Ian and his family took Sister Braegger and I out to Wingers for dinner on Saturday night. It was fun! Hopefully I can see them again before I return to Temple Square. 

Tomorrow we are going to the departing Temple Trip in Idaho Falls. Even though I am not actually going home they are letting me go since I will return to Temple Square. Lately though I have referred to Temple Square as home. 

"Work hard, and have fun!" It is so great that the mission life is fun as well. Sister Bragger and I can goof off and have fun, but also study together. She is very tolerant of me. I like to creep her out and mess around in a fun way with her and she puts up with it...Even when I sit on her and try to get her to eat her name tag. AWKWARD

Not many pictures this week, just one from us walking home from a pday activity. I will send another email out including pictures that a member took for us on Easter. 

Love you all!
Sister Price

Busy busy week! (4-21-14)

This week has been so busy! On Tuesday we spent most of the day moving. Well we basically just supervised as the Elders moved everything. Then are week was filled with scheduled appointments, which isn't very common in YSA. 

Our investigator Adam is awesome! He is super funny and keeps telling Sister Braegger and I that we aren't invited to his baptism. If he is being serious then we will break down the door and be the baptism crashers! For real though. He is from Cleveland too! I wont say any more about him because he says he doesn't like people talking about him haha...

On Saturday morning we went to a rock picking service project on the church farm. It was fun! When occasion permits it is fun to roll around in dirt. Saturday was also Sister Braeggers 20th Birthday. We came home to find a cake in our kitchen saying "From your favorite Elders!! Happy Birthday!!" How did they get into our apartment we wondered? Well the tampered screen explained it...they broke in through the window! Yikes, that makes us feel super safe. For dinner Anna Siddoway fed us :) she is the coolest! She made us homemade noodles with homemade alfredo and chicken! Then we had carrot cake and had a mini missionary appropriate party. 

Easter was amazing! The Armstrong family fed us and it was a feast! They live on a farm and I went nuts being surrounded by so many dogs and horses. Sister Bragger isn't a fan of petting horses...only looking...still she was very patient with me. Missionaries can't ride of course, but I volunteered myself to help saddle. I was very proud of myself for knowing how to latch and tie the girth and stuff. Reminded me how much I want to live on a farm!!!!  I just want to get on a horse and run like the Man from Snowy River! 

I have many pictures to email so I will send those in another email. Enjoy!

Love you all!
Sister Price