Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The Time Is Far Spent 12-2-14

A sister in the district had an investigator (Marcelo) living in El Salvador that was preparing to be baptized and had a date set and everything. Then Marcelo was run over by a bus and hospitalized. It was suspected that he wouldn't be able to be baptized until he fully recovered and had his arm cast taken off. Being run over by a bus didn't stop him though and he was baptized with his entire arm wrapped in a bag.
The Christmas lights are on now and the square has been busy every day! Especially during the weekend. Ever trash can was overflowing with hot chocolate cups. Sister Oh and I have enjoyed being on the square with so many guests. Hours fly by when we are talking with people on the square.
Next Tuesday is the departing sisters temple trip, lunch, and interviews so this is perhaps my final email.
Outbound calls arrived. Sister Ye from China will be going to the Pittsburgh Mission! She and I are not on the same flight though. Sister Ye is amazing! She and Sister Wu would always cook together on preparation days. Now I miss Sister Wu! She is outbound already.
For Thanksgiving we enjoyed a delicious meal with a family in Bountiful, UT. We arrived early enough that we could help prepare the food. They had a piano and I learned that humble Sister Oh is a master at the piano! She also plays the flute. Why am I surprised though. After all she is Asian.
The first presidency Christmas Devotional is this weekend. I wont see it live since I already did last year. Sister Oh will go on exchanges and I will be with Sister Escobedo on the square during the devo and we will watch the rebroadcast after.
At the beginning of my mission President Gillette had a favorite Hymn, The Time Is Far Spent. We sang it at nearly every meeting. It was probably because the meetings usually went over. The Hymn keeps getting stuck in my head though as I am reminded every day how "The time is far spent; there is little remaining To publish glad tidings..."
The following is a story you may have heard before, but I hope it reminds you of the sacrifice of the atonement and of the love your Heavenly Father has for you.
There was once a bridge which spanned a large river. During most of the day the bridge sat with its length running up and down the river paralleled with the banks, allowing ships to pass thru freely on both sides of the bridge. But at certain times each day, a train would come along and the bridge would be turned sideways across the river, allowing a train to cross it. 
A switchman sat in a small shack on one side of the river where he operated the controls to turn the bridge and lock it into place as the train crossed. One evening as the switchman was waiting for the last train of the day to come, he looked off into the distance thru the dimming twilight and caught sight of the trainlights. He stepped to the control and waited until the train was within a prescribed distance when he was to turn the bridge. He turned the bridge into position, but, to his horror, he found the locking control did not work. If the bridge was not securely in position it would wobble back and forth at the ends when the train came onto it, causing the train to jump the track and go crashing into the river. This would be a passenger train with many people aboard. He left the bridge turned across the river, and hurried across the bridge to the other side of the river where there was a lever switch he could hold to operate the lock manually. He would have to hold the lever back firmly as the train crossed. He could hear the rumble of the train now, and he took hold of the lever and leaned backward to apply his weight to it, locking the bridge. He kept applying the pressure to keep the mechanism locked. Many lives depended on this man's strength. 
Then, coming across the bridge from the direction of his control shack, he heard a sound that made his blood run cold. "Daddy, where are you?" His four-year-old son was crossing the bridge to look for him. His first impulse was to cry out to the child, "Run! Run!" But the train was too close; the tiny legs would never make it across the bridge in time. The man almost left his lever to run and snatch up his son and carry him to safety. But he realized that he could not get back to the lever. Either the people on the train or his little son must die. He took a moment to make his decision. 
The train sped safely and swiftly on its way, and no one aboard was even aware of the tiny broken body thrown mercilessly into the river by the onrushing train. Nor were they aware of the pitiful figure of the sobbing man, still clinging tightly to the locking lever long after the train had passed. They did not see him walking home more slowly than he had ever walked: to tell his wife how their son had brutally died. 
Now if you comprehend the emotions which went this man's heart, you can begin to understand the feelings of our Father in Heaven when He sacrificed His Son to bridge the gap between us and eternal life. Can there be any wonder that He caused the earth to tremble and the skies to darken when His Son died? How does He feel when we speed along thru life without giving a thought to what was done for us thru Jesus Christ?
I know that this time on earth is the time for us to prepare to meet God and His Son Jesus Christ again. I love the Savior and I know that our joy will always exceed our sorrow. I love you all!
Sister Price

with Sister Oh in Temple Square

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving 11-25-14

On Sunday the mission President asked to have the names of every sister that hasn't attended a temple sealing (marriage). We will all have the apportunity to attend one! Today I will go to the sealing of a woman from Pakistan and a man from Spain. The couple wont have many guests because they are foriegn, so they welcomed 18 sister missionaries to attend. President Poulsen is organizing a way for everyone who has never seen a sealing to go to one sometime during their mission. Since we teach guests about the temple and what it is used for daily through a model replica of the SLC Temple, he wants us to better understand what we are talking about. So it makes sense. I am so excited to attend! Not everyone in the assigned group that I am in has pday today, but I still want to go even if it is pday. Sister Oh however is on exchanges because she will be able to have another chance to attend a sealing.
Zone activity last week was so much fun! The Moore's were so kind to host our zone. They have a cool house. They have an ottoman made out of real zebra! I need to make up my mind if I am all save the animals or all for furniture made out of them...
Earlier this week Sister Oh and I were able to show a member around with her friend who was visiting from Georgia. The tour went very well and the woman was very interested in learning more. While at the Christus statue I invited her to take a free copy of The Book of Mormon and she was super excited to take it that I wasn't sure how to respond to her energetic and excited response. It was a great teaching experience though.

Clayton Christensen came and spoke with our mission last week. And today we had Brother Kay from the missionary department come and speak to us about the HE IS THE GIFT campaign. You need to watch the video, here it is:
We have been able to teach so many people lately. With the lights on their will be an entire new atmosphere to teach in.
For Thanksgiving we are going to members homes! Each companionship has been assigned a home and the members will pick us up at Temple Square. The square will close 12-6pm and then regular hours around that. SO FUN!

Doctrine & Covenants 78:19
"And he who receiveth all things with thankfulness shall be made glorious; and the things of this earth shall be added unto him, even an hundred fold, yea, more."

 The Savior is the sweetest. I am so grateful for the Savior, He is why I am serving a mission and He is who has given me strength every single day I've been here. Thank you everyone who has been of support as well--I am grateful for you too!

Much love, 
Sister Price

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Hi 11-18-14

Sister Oh and I have had a great week. We were able to find two new investigators while in the teaching center before coming to email today.
Zone Activity is today and we will be going to Elder and Sister Moore's home. They are a senior couple serving as the secretaries of our mission.
Last night we took a Korean tour together, I am starting to naturally bow when we meet Korean people.
Sister Oh has been trying to teach me more Korean, but I forget it all very quickly.
On Sunday we attended Music and The Spoken Word! It never gets old. In the picture you can see our roommate Sister Worthen (the Kiwi) trying to get in. The mission is going so well! To be honest I don't really know what else to say in my emails these days. 

Love you all though!
Sister Price

Sister Price with Sister Oh
Sister Price and Sister Oh

안녕하세요 11-11-14

This past week we have been busy with exchanges. I especially enjoyed being on exchanges with Sister Escobedo at Welfare Square. We took several tours, but also were able to be hosts in the Bishop Storehouse. Everyone we helped had Spanish order forms so Sister Escobedo and the guest enjoyed laughing at my pronunciation. It was fun.
While on exchange with Sister Polanco we took a family from Florida (originally Puerto Rico) around the square. They were very interested in learning more and will keep in touch with us.
At a training I was able to give instruction about companionship unity. I was able to connect my lesson to Nutella. Any excuse for chocolate, right? I am working on self mastery now and set a goal to not have chocolate until I get home (at least). I wonder how long that will last.
Sister Oh and I have had a lot of success teaching and contacting people in the teaching center (basically a calling/computer center). The square is slower than usual these days, but that will pick up once the holiday lights turn on.
The other day we were talking to a member who said "So do you just walk around the square all day?" Now I need to practice humility because of the slightly sassy way that I responded. It wasn't mean though! Just a little sassy.
Sister Oh is teaching me Korean. So far I can say:
It's a dog
It's a bird
It's a tree
Thank you
The first three aren't really helpful. You never know though. One day I could be in Korea and save someones life with the first three! Probably not though.
Well I love you all!
Sister Price

Sunday, November 9, 2014

If God is your co-pilot then switch seats 11-4-14

Oh! Sister Oh from Korea is my missionary companion now :) We are assigned to nothing specific, which is great! We have desk assignments, square time, and time in the teaching center like everyone else. But nothing specific like Beehive House, Fleet, or Welfare Square. My district is great! In my district are two other companionship's. Sister Polonco (Guatemala), Sister Armendariz (Mexico), and Sister Jarvi (Finland) who is in her first transfer and being trained by Sister Escobedo (Mexico) who I was training a year ago! I was so surprised to have her in my district, but it is awesome!

I am excited to be go on exchanges with Sister Escobedo since we were already companions :) Plus, she serves at Welfare Square 3x a week, so I will get to go on exchanges there at least once this transfer.
Being with Sister Oh is great! She is in her 3rd transfer now, but is so ready to work. I am very lucky to have her as my companion.
For Halloween we went to the Temple as a mission, it was a very special experience.
Fleet was fun at times, but I don't miss it. I am grateful for the experience, but it was much more work than I thought it would be so it is nice to be more of a missionary without fleet as my assignment now.
My roommates are Sister Worthen (New Zealand) and Sister Rasheed (Pakistan). Sister Rasheed is in her 2nd transfer of being trained. We wrapped Sister Rasheed up in "spider web" and she hid in Sister Sherratt's closest and scared her. She also scared Sister Oh, but that wasn't planned...just conveniently humorous.
Sister Oh and I have been having countless miracles talking to great people on the square. Everything is going well.
I love you all, 
Sister Price
Sister Price and Sister Oh

Sister Price and Sister Oh

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Short One 10-23-14

This week Sister Stufflebean and I were able to get a hold of Carina our new investigator in Romania. It was our first time talking to her since we met at Temple Square. Because of the time difference it is easiest for her to be taught through email. Still, we will try to continue to keep in contact with her over the phone. We are praying to get her in contact with the local missionaries, we just need Carina's address.
This morning the outbound sisters were announced. 25 sisters are going outbound! Sister Stufflebean and I have been busy arranging the needs of 60 sisters going to and from the airport on the 29th. It is interesting. Seems like despite my wishes Sister Stufflbean and I will split and she will remain as fleet. On Monday I will find out who will kill me. (who will send me home).
Well take care everyone!
Sister Price

By the Joseph Smith statue
Sister Price next to Joseph Smith


On Wednesday we were on exchanges so my companion for the day was Sister Hadzik from Germany. We were able to take one tour in German. The season is slowing down. In the summer the German speaking sisters are taking many German tours a day.
Even with the season being slow (slow compared to summer) Salt Lake City hosts many conventions and meetings of sorts. Girls Scouts of America have been everywhere recently. 

Thanks to the Leavitt's of our home stake Sister Stufflebean and I had the pleasure of giving  Kateryna Yushchenko, the former first lady of Ukraine and her assistant Maryna Antonova a tour of Temple Square. They were so kind and both my companion and I enjoyed showing them Temple Square.
This week we took a lesson with sister missionaries who brought there 9 year old investigator and her member mother to Temple Square. The young girls was so cute and after watching a touching presentation and talking with her, she began to cry. It was sweet to see the spirit touch a young girl like that.
On Sunday we received news that the entire mission would meet in a theater at 7pm until the rest of the night for a special fireside. This was puzzling considering the question of: how will the square function without us? About 40 return missionaries of Temple Square came to cover assignments and organize the square! The square wasn't able to function it's usual way, but they made it work. Well ANYWAY the fireside was so special because the guest was David Archuleta! It was so great! His family even came. With 200 sister missionaries going reverently crazy we organized pictures according to zone.

David sang the following for us:
He also shared experiences that prepared him for his mission and experiences he had on his mission. It was a fantastic fireside! There was a Q&A as well.
As usual, all is well here!
Much Love,
Sister Price

Monday, October 13, 2014

Conference Weekend 10-9-14

The Sunday Morning session of General Conference was great! Especially since we got to also be there for Music & The Spoken Word. For studies we have been trying to catch up and watch the other sessions that we weren't able to attend.
Local wards were kind enough to provide lunch and dinner for us since our 20min meals didn't give us enough time to prepare food.
We talked to hundreds of people at Conference so to be honest it just flew by super fast and seems like a blur now.
This week we took a group of people from a motor coach tour around Temple Square. These are always fun tours, but since there are many people from different backgrounds it can be more difficult to personalize the tour. There were 3 young adults from Romania in the group. One girl had great questions and was very interested in learning more. After the tour ended I was able to talk with just her. She accepted a copy of The Book of Mormon and gave me her email and phone number. She will return home to Romania on the 14th so I will call then and hopefully get her in contact with local missionaries too!
Fleet responsibilities will be passed over to a new senior couple in our mission. Sister Stufflebean and I have been meeting with them to teach them how to do the paperwork and organization of fleet.
Back to General Conference weekend: Saturday and Sunday we were on the square 7:30am to 9:45pm. We had a mission meeting Sunday evening where we shared experiences from Conference and heard from President and Sister Poulsen. Then we were surprised with watching Meet The Mormons! It was very inspirational. I am so excited for everyone to see it!
Well that is all for now!
Love you all, 
Sister Price

1. Us Sunday night after all the sessions were over
2. Sister Stufflebean and I after the first day of Conference
3. Us in the Conference Center
Sunday night after all sessions were over

With Sister Stufflebean after the first day of conference

With Sister Stufflebean in the Conference Center

Temple Square = a real mission. General Conference WATCH IT 10-2-14

The Woman's Broadcast was fantastic! This weekend our zone will go to the Sunday morning session of General Conference. For the other sessions we will be on the square talking to people. So we get to listen to the other sessions later. We are expecting to be very busy this weekend though. I am so EXCITED! For real it will be fantastic.
Last October conference I was still new in the mission and it is interesting to reflect on how I have changed since then.
Last week our investigator Beth from California was baptized. We are so happy for her decision. It has been a long journey for her.
I am feeling much better, but I can't say much for my roommate Sister Bryuzgina (Russia) who is now sick no thanks to me.
Last week we had a crazy thunder storm. Sister Stufflebean and I were walking around the reflection pool when it began. The entire cities lights flickered and the rain was nuts! We were trying to act professional but decided to run when everyone around us was (including a newlywed bride and groom-haha!) We huddled against the east gate wall with other people who were trying to save themselves. Then we ran into the South Visitors Center and we were drenched! It was crazy. I included a picture of the aftermath. ​
Please bear with me for a moment: I love everyone who comes to Temple Square. It is funny however when members say "Oh I am already mormon" and awkwardly ignore sisters. It's like what??? Then we have the people who ask or say things like:
Is this a real mission?
Is it hard not being on a real mission?
Do you ever teach anyone?
Is it true you get extra time to get ready in the morning?
Don't you get to serve in another mission for 6 months?
and the list goes on...
Pretty sure every Temple Square missionary has to defend their mission the rest of their earthly life. Because in the next life everyone's eyes are opened and they realize it is the BEST MISSION. To clarify yes we are a real mission and we teach people over the phone and on tours everyday! Let me repeat: we teach everyday. We don't get extra time to get ready in the morning, we follow the missionary white handbook you can find the pdf for this on Since we are a full time visitors center some things are adjusted. For example we can't accept visits from friends, BUT if we see someone we know we aren't going to run away (that would be awkward). We can have one visit per family member. The First Presidency has approved this. When I served in Pocatello Idaho (Outbound= 12 weeks) we were so busy and we walked everywhere because we had no car. Yet, my body was sore for weeks while I readjusted to serving at Temple Square. It is an incredibly hard working mission! Well if you ever hear any rumors please help clarify for me. Luckily the atonement is real so we may all repent.
Sister Stufflebean and I are doing well and staying busy. WATCH GENERAL CONFERENCE EVERYONE! It will be fantastic!
I love you all,
Sister Rebecca Price
with sister stufflebean

with Sister Nakayama

hello! 9-25-14

This weekend is the General Woman's Broadcast and my companion and I get to go! We will also be able to attend one session of General Conference, but we don't know which one it will be yet.
Fleet responsibility have been busy lately. We have monthly reports coming up and on top of that we are switching out 4 of our vans next week. We do a van share with the service missionaries at the History Center. So we have to coordinate with them about the vehicles as well. They use the vans, but don't have to take care of them like us.
Sister Stufflebean and I have still been able to take a lot of tours recently. The other day we showed 25 people around. They are in a tour bus of 50 people, but we had to split the group for the tour. A majority of the people were from Pennsylvania and Ohio! A couple even knew Bishop McCort where I went to HS. Giving tours are fun because I enjoy interacting with the people and trying to make them laugh and enjoy there time here. It can be awkward when they don't think my jokes are funny...
This morning (7:30am) Michael Otterson from Church Public Affairs came and spoke with us. In the middle of the meeting his assistant came in and handed him a not. Brother Otterson read it and said "Elder Holland needs me to call him before he goes to the temple this morning, so excuse me for just a moment." How cool is that? He casually received a message from an Apostle. SO COOL!
My roommates are so awesome! Sister Weidmann (Switzerland) came home last night and was stressed about college plans after the mission since she goes home in January. She brought up how she is considering going to BYU IDAHO! SWEET! Sister Bryzgina (Russia) is super fun and is teaching me some Russian. It came in handy when Sister Stufflebean and I ran into a woman from Moscow the other day. I learned how to say good morning so I said it to the woman (even though it was night time) and she was so excited and wrote down other things for me to say. Turns out the lady speaks English too though because she lives in Boston now.
We literally meet people from EVERYWHERE! It is awesome.
Sister Stufflebean and I were approached by a woman from Mexico who speaks no English. I couldn't respond, but I understood that she was asking how to get to the family history center. While taking her there Sister Stufflebean and I took turns trying to talk to her in Spanish, she appreciated it. Luckily a sister from Guatemala walked by to help her more.
Hope everyone has a fantastic week!
Much love, 
Sister Price

11th Transfer Begins 9-18-14

It is a new transfer. Same zone and same assignment as fleet coordinator, but new companion and roommates. My companion (Sister Stufflebean) and I get along well and already are comfortable with each other. Yesterday morning we had to be in the garage at 3:30am to begin our busy transfer day. Only a couple things went wrong with sisters getting lost and flights being delayed, so all is well. My new roommates are so fun. Sister Weidmann from Switzerland and Sister Bryuzgina from Russia.
My district leader is still Sister Yang from Taiwan! I am very happy about that, but she is great. Her new companion is Sister Hadzik from Germany. Our district meeting is coming up so I will get a picture of all of us to email next week.
The mission has many new sisters. They come from California, Arizona, Idaho, South Africa, Pakistan, India, South Korea, and Australia! It is exciting.
This morning for Relief Society we had a man (his name slipped my mind) share a story of how he was captured as a missionary while serving in Lebanon. What saved him was a man in a high place who had toured America. Temple Square was a stop on the tour that gave the man admiration for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. A returned less active spoke as well. I can't retell the stories they told very well, but everything became "happily ever after" because of Christ. Mankind can not soften hearts, but Christ can. We missionaries don't convert people, we invite people and good comes through Christ.
It can be hard to accept that people disagree about this or that. I wish everyone would just chill and love one another despite religious differences. One day...
That is all from me for this week. Love you all very much!
-Sister Rebecca Price

Trunky Papers ? ! 9-11-14

Wow things have been so busy lately.
There was a car accident on Saturday in West Jordan that sisters in our mission were involved in. They were on their way to a baptism. Sister Hardy and I sprinted to our car and then drove safely to the rescue :) Everyone was okay. Just some sore legs and necks. They will be okay. The van (named 007) is in the shop for a couple weeks though.

With transfers next week we have been very busy coordinating drivers and airport greeters for returning and departing outbound sisters. It is madness! Somehow we have managed to teach and contact many people this week though. All is well.
Sister Hardy and I use Microsoft Excel to organize the flight schedules and departure times for 29 departing outbound sisters, 3 sisters going home, and 18 sisters returning from outbound. After sitting at the computer for hours we become what is equivalent to space madness! 

While walking to email I saw Meghan Kevesdy and we ran dramatically into each others arms! What a happy reunion!!!!
Yesterday was Sister Wu's (former companion) 23rd Birthday! It was also her 8 year anniversary of being baptized. Sister Hardy and I surprised her with a cake and we celebrated with her.
You may have noticed the title "trunky papers." So the other day I go to my mailbox to find these papers to fill out confirming what airport I will fly home to and all this other information that freaks missionaries out...hence the name TRUNKY PAPERS. I just realize I lost them! OHHH maybe they are in our cubicle. Well good thing I don't need to hand it in until next week.
For those of you who may not know. Trunky refers to a missionary who is thinking about home so much they can hardly function properly. From talks with other sisters we have decided that Elders are more trunky-prone because sisters can think about more at once. Who agrees?

All is well here though! Missionary work is getting done in a fun way. I love you all!
Sister Price

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Meet the Mormons 9-4-14

Meet The Mormons will be in Theaters October 10th! At first it was just going to be in Visitors Centers, but now it will first be in actual Theaters. All the net proceeds will go to the American Red Cross. You can check out the trailer and read more in the link below :)

It will be exciting to see! General Conference is just the week before so that is cool.

It has been a very busy week as fleet. At the end of every month we have to complete a report for every car, and it is time consuming. On top of that we have been passing off a lot of sisters lately. In other missions they don't need to take a test to be able to drive. But our mission does and I think it is because we have international drivers. 

Yesterday a sister from Fiji tried to pass off, but we had to fail her. Today she took the driving test again and did great! So now she is passed off. Yesterday was her first time driving a van with the steering wheel on the left side. 

One day while we were walking to contact people on the square a member approached us with a nonmember who wanted to talk with us. I was thinking "sweet someone to teach!" We sat down with the man and it was not what I initially expected. He told us he is psychic and all this other stuff. He told us many stories that included cats talking to him and him floating off the ground. Three times he lifted his shirt to show us this crazy scar. Not really sure what else to say about that situation. It was interesting. 

The pictures are of us in the tunnels sneaking around the Mormon Tabernacle Choir closet. It is cool! 

Have a great week everyone!
Sister Rebecca Price
In Mormon Tabernacle Choir closetIn Mormon Tabernacle Choir closet

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

I pray when... 8-28-14

This week has been great so far! On Monday I saw dad and Sydney!!!!!!! WOW! Sister Hardy and I showed them around Temple Square and went to dinner. It was a great time.

The church put out a video called "I pray when..." many people submitted photos for it and it turned out great. Sister Hardy and I made our own signs, which explains the attached picture. I chose I pray when I breath because it would imply that I am always praying and/or I pray when I am overwhelmed and need to take a deep breath.
On Tuesday I was on exchanges with Sister Yang from Taiwan. She went to BYU Hawaii so her English is great. We had some great tours together. In one large group tour a man from Israel stayed around asking us a ton of questions. He was so impressed with everything and said he can't wait to tell everyone back in Israel about his time here. He kept asking us what the Mormon secret is and all we could to is explain agency more fully.

This week for a companionship study we watched a devotional given by Elder Bednar.
I highly recommend it! In the video it also shows a part with people holding papers reading: "I pray when ________."
This morning we were busy with getting a driving record for one of the Canadian sisters. Sister Hardy and I get so many phone calls about the vehicles and all that jazz. The best part is passing the sisters off with the driving test. So far no near death experiences.
Seeing dad and Sydney was wonderful, but brought to life how fast my mission is going by. Its weird! But all is well. Have a great week everyone!
Love you all, 
Sister Rebecca Price

Hi, I am Sister Price and I am from Pennsylvania 8-21-14

Hi, I am Sister Price and I am from Pennsylvania. what part? Johnstown it is east of Pittsburgh, but I am originally from Cleveland. Would you like to be baptized? Yes of course! Oh wonderful.
Basically my everyday conversations, but not really ;)

Salt Lake is great! More and more Christmas lights come up everyday in preparation for winter season around the corner. 

Yesterday we had Zone Conference. Every principle of the gospel seemed to be touched in some way or another. At the end we had a testimony meeting. Mainly it was a lot of crying (myself included). Guess that is what happens with an all sister mission. My mission President has 5 daughters, so he has been surrounded by woman his entire life. Just like my dad! Speaking of dad, I will see you and Sydney on Tuesday! WOW! And Tomorrow Sister Hardy's brother is visiting with his wife who Sister Hardy hasn't even met yet. 

This transfer is going by super fast, I can't believe it is already week 3. 

A referral specialist for the church came and visited with our mission. He also works with the LDS Visitors Centers all over the world and keeps record of the tourists favorite things. He knows the statistics for the most popular this and that at the visitors centers. He asked us "What do you think the most popular exhibit of all the visitors centers are? What do you think the people mostly come for?" After some failed answers he told us "YOU!" A Sister in the back shouted "WHAT, I am not an exhibit!!" It was humorous, but also interesting. Apparently the sisters at Temple Square have been rated highest as peoples favorite part of all the visitors centers. Still scratching my head over that one...

Anyway things are going very well! It is super busy, but signs of the summer season winding down are beginning to show. 

Sister Hardy and I fail at taking pictures. All I have this week is a picture of me awkwardly posing with a radio. We will try to take more for next week!

We found an investigator on chat! He has a baptism date set for next month and is progressing with the local missionaries :)

Yesterday we met Emrey on the square (a recent convert that Sister Humble and I found together). She is so tough! She got hit by a car and the dude drove off, but she is recovering well and still keeping the faith. It was cool to talk to her. 

Love you all very much!
Sister Price

All is well :) 8-14-14

All is well here! Especially since it has been rainy lately, no complaints there. Sister Hardy and I are getting along very well. We are busy with fleet matters. We have passed off two sisters so far and this Saturday we will give a training to the first transfer sisters. Organizing nine cars for 200 sisters every week can be complicated, but it is fun too. We have our own cubicle so that is cool!
We have been able to find several investigators this week! One lives in Australia, which is a little complicated with the time change for calling him. Still, there is always email.
This morning we took a Youth Conference group around. It is hard to get the youth to interact and talk with such little time. Now I appreciate even more my youth leaders growing up. The guest speaker for the Youth Conference gave a great message focused on keeping our eyes on Christ and staying on the straight path.
Taking just English tours is becoming an adjustment. I became use to saying a brief line and waiting for Sister Wu to translate before I continued.
My district leader is Sister Yang (pronounced Young) from Taiwan and her companion is Sister Dutra from Brazil. The other companionship in our district is Sister Jin (Beijing China) and Sister Nguyen (Vietnam).

Overall things are going great and Sister Hardy and I are enjoying our transfer together so far.
I love you all!
Sister Price

Happy 18th Birthday to Sydney and Happy Anniversary to my mom and dad!
Sorry for only one picture. I will try to take more pictures for you next week.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Fleet with Sister Hardy 8-7-14

My new companion is Sister Hardy from Mesa Arizona! She and I are in the same transfer, but we weren't together in the MTC since she came to the mission 3 weeks early. Sister Hardy is fleet so now she is training me in fleet. Then next transfer I will train the next fleet sister. Fleet is in charge of the organization of the mission vehicles. We take them to and from the shop and organize pday sign out stuff and a bunch of other car stuff. Yesterday we had to be in the garage at 4:50am to make sure that the cars taking sisters to and from the airport for outbound (or going home) were leaving at the right time and had all the right passengers. Since she and I had such long hours yesterday, we have a full pday today :) Soon we will schedule a fleet training for the 1st transfer sisters. We will pass off the sisters to drive...could be dangerous. So fleet is officially my assignment for the next two transfers! 

No more Beehive house unless we cover for someone every now and then. It was nice to serve there for two transfers, but staying for a third would be to much considering how busy it can be.

This week will be very busy with fleet, but next week it should cool down enough for us to take tours and find more people to teach. Most everyone I was teaching last transfer spoke primarily Mandarin, so Sister Wu will keep in touch with them and I will find more people to teach. Hopefully.

The new sisters arrived from the MTC yesterday. They come from California, Hawaii, Canada, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Our roommates are the office assistants to the mission and our neighbors are the AP's. They have always had the assistants to the Presidents, fleet, and office assistants live in those apartments.

As fleet I am hoping to replace a couple of the vehicles with horses 

No pictures this week, sorry! I will make up for it next week. I look like a zombie because of lack of sleep so that is part of my excuse. 

Love you all!

Sister Price 

last week with Sister Wu from CHINA :( 7-30-14

On Monday Justin Mckeown and Spencer Carter visited me! Brother Mckeown shared Dad's conversion story with me while we were sitting in the benches of the Assembly Hall. It was wonderful to hear and made all 4 of us tear up. I made sure to record the entire experience very well in my journal.

Yesterday we met President Howell, Stake President of the Bluffdale Utah South Stake. He happens to be hosting 5 adults from China who happen to be from the very same city as Sister Wu. President Howell asked if we could come over for dinner to meet them and we let him know that we probably wont be able to but we would ask anyway. President Poulson was all for it when we told him about it. So on Friday Sister Wu and I will drive to Bluffdale to eat at the Howell home and meet the 5 Chinese people from Sister Wu's city!
It is my last full week with Sister Wu, we will miss each other. The Chinese people are so sweet in the tours and they clap when I introduce myself in Chinese. Not all people get excited when you say something in their language. A family from the Netherlands was excited then I greeted them formally in Dutch. Back to the Chinese though, Sister Wu enjoys teaching them the churches official name and explaining the nickname mormon. She has me say the church name in Mandarin and one group was gasping and clapping it was precious.
Monday morning is transfer conference so I will find out about my new companion then and I will also hear if I have to move apartments and change zones. Transfer day will be next Wednesday, so if I have a new pday it wont come for 8-10 days :P oh no!
We have spent most of today with Sister Nakamatsu and Sister Tupou because Sister Tupou will return to Tonga on Tuesday! Sad, but exciting too. She will be missed a ton by me...
The Pioneer Day Parade was fun! Mostly because of horses and I also saw Sister Rutz and Julia from the Johnstown Ward! What a treat!
Things are still extremely busy, but all is well! Love you all <3
Sister Rebecca Price

1. At the Pioneer Day Parade photo courtesy of Sister Lynn Rutz
2. Elder Oaks watching the parade on the same bleachers as us. You usually have to pay for the bleachers but a kind person gave us free tickets!
3. Just being silly in the display of a presentation in the North Visitors Center
4. Just another time being silly in the display of a presentation in the North Visitors Center
5. Nursery Display
6. Another nursery display
7. I grew so large that I was able to take a bite of the Temple! That is what the mission does to you...
8. Sister Wu wanted me to smile, but there was food in my mouth so I just Zoolandered it

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Happy Pioneer Day 7-23-14

On Monday Sister Wu and I were assigned to the Assembly Hall and a Jewish couple from Israel (Gideon and Leah) came in and asked me to teach them about our beliefs. We had a great discussion and they kept telling me about Jerusalem and said I have to visit. I can't continue to teach them, but did give them a copy of The Book of Mormon. Leah asked for my email because she wants to stay in touch with me and let her know if I visit Israel. 

Tomorrow is Pioneer Day so most places will be closed and there will be a parade. We get to go. Hopefully we will find a place to sit comfortably. The streets are already getting prepared for the occasion. 

Today is our Zone Activity. We will go to Iceberg for burgers and shakes then to an apartment for some movies. 

All is well here and Sister Wu and I are busy, working hard, and having fun. So much so that I don't even remember the past week enough to share more in this email. Days blur together and the weeks go by quickly. 

Have a Happy Pioneer Day ~July 24, 1847 :)

Love you all!
Sister Price

PS No pictures this week...we hardly took any at all. There will be many next week :)

Sunday, July 20, 2014

July 16, 2014

Brigham Young knew that the Salt Lake Valley was THEE PLACE, but why did it have to be such a hot place? It was been in the 100's and we are getting roasted. A bright side of the Beehive House is the air conditioning. In case you're wondering the air conditioning is NOT original. Brighton Girls camp was fun! Half the mission went in the morning and then we switched and the other half went. We had a good time. Sister Wu repelled and zip lined!!! (With a lot of persuading on my part) It was awesome! I took a video of it on her camera and another video of her crying (awkward) that is what missionary companions are for! This morning our zone went to the Bountiful Temple! It was a good time. I thought of other missionaries like James and Clara who don't have a Temple in their mission. Guess I am just a blessing magnet. My mission is THE BEST MISSION! Sorry other missionaries... We had a random crazy wind storm last week. We Mary Poppined our way home, but not really. That would have been exciting. WOW JUST NOW I got a phone call from a Sister on the square and my Bishop from outbound and his wife are here and coming over to see me RIGHT NOW. SO fun. They are super great. Bishop Rivera let me store things at his house for when I visit before Winter Semester at BYU- Idaho. Things are still very busy, we take tour after is good though that we are busy rather than just being lazy all day long. I will send pictures as well! Love you all Bye now! Sister Price

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Hello Friends 7-9-14

I have developed a love/hate relationship with the Beehive house. It is a fun place, but recently it has been chaotic with the masses of people that come between 12-3.  On top of that, we take mandarin tours so poor Sister Wu has reached her limit. We both crash every night. It is good though, because we know we are working hard.
Already this week we have found many more people to teach. We have an investigator in Australia who was baptized and I began teaching her last year!
We went to Music & The Spoken Word on Sunday and Mitt Romney was there with his wife and grandchildren. You can check out my cray photo I took. I raced to the top to catch him before he left and I nearly brushed elbows with him! He was bolting out though with a smile and grandchildren in his arms.
I hear Brazil lost to Germany pretty hard. Guests come and tell the sisters all about the World Cup. The Brazilian wont be coming out for a while...
Besides normal Temple Square business things are going very well. So much happens in one week and I struggle to recall everything once email time comes. I will send pictures though.
Take care everyone!
Much love,
Sister Rebecca Price
1. Mitt Romney!

Mitt RomneyMy District

With Sister Wu

Wearing Sister Wu's glasses

Birthday, One Year Mark, and AMERICA

The past week has been so wonderful!
To think, just a year ago I flew to Salt Lake. And a year ago tomorrow is the day I entered the MTC. Basically my Birthday was WONDERFUL! My companion and roommates decorated the apartment and made me cupcakes. I woke up to the surprise. Some sisters posted papers all over the basement of the South Visitors Center (Mission Offices) and it had a picture of me making a creepy face and said "Happy Birthday Sister Price!" So that was fun. Thank you everyone for the Birthday Wishes!
Besides no family, I really missed Birthday Breakfast-which has become a tradition I suppose. Mom, you usually prepare waffles and such for me and I am sorry you couldn't this year. 

I am no longer a teenager so I can't get away with slamming doors, but that wont stop me! Just kidding Mom and Dad.
This morning I called Harley! He is my recent convert that I taught while serving in Pocatello. Since I returned to Temple Square he baptized his younger brother Austin, WOW. On July 12th he will baptize his mom. Literally the miracle of my mission right there.
Sister Wu and I met Mattias from Switzerland a couple days ago. He is from the South of Switzerland so Italian is his first language, but his English is perfect. We had a great discussion with him about Heavenly Father's Plan and The Book of Mormon. Matt has been very prepared and this is exactly what he has been looking for. We will continue to teach him over the phone. He leaves for Florida Sunday and then ends up in Cincinnati for a concert, so that is cool.
On Sunday Elder Whitney Clayton of the Seventy came and spoke to us with his wife. I had the chance to hear from him while outbound in Pocatello as well. 

I am very happy to be with Sister Wu for another transfer. She and I have become best buds. We are comfortable with each other and we can communicate on tours without speaking directly to each is pretty cool and convenient. 
2 Nephi 1: 6- 7  Wherefore, I, Lehi, prophesy according to the workings of the Spirit which is in me, that there shall nonecome into this land save they shall be brought by the hand of the Lord.
Wherefore, this land is consecrated unto him whom he shall bring. And if it so be that they shall serve him according to thecommandments which he hath given, it shall be a land of liberty unto them; wherefore, they shall never be brought down intocaptivity; if so, it shall be because of iniquity; for if iniquity shall abound cursed shall be the land for their sakes, but unto therighteous it shall be blessed forever.
Happ4th of July!

Everything is going very well :) Love you ALL!
Sister Price