Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sister Price's email sent August 19, 2013

For breakfast today I had an egg sandwich, milk, and an hour of personal scripture study. Since Momma grew up on a farm in Idaho, she always taught me that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Well, she is right! (As she always is) Breakfast is so important because it fuels us for the day. The days I only have yogurt (yes mom I'm eating yogurt now) are not nearly as good as the days that I have sausage, eggs, or whatever else I can make on a missionary budget and schedule. Reading the scriptures is apart of my breakfast. If I don't kneel the moment I get out of bed and read my scriptures after I'm dressed, then I am not properly fueled for the day. I love my personal scripture study because I can feast upon the words of Christ.
As always, my week was wonderful. It really flew by because it feels like just yesterday I was emailing home. So now for my weekly report: On Thursday Sister Oaks (Elder Oaks wife) came and spoke to my Relief Society. Her message was about testimonies. She gave each of us a testimony glove. I will take a picture of it to email home next week. Later on Thursday my companion and I were at West Gate. I was talking to a visitor when a Spanish woman began talking to my companion in Spanish. Sometimes people mistake her for being Spanish. I have don't remember what the woman said, but I understood her perfectly and she was speaking in Spanish. Then I replied to her in Spanish and she understood me! I exchanged a couple sentences with her then realized that I was speaking in spanish and all of the sudden NO COMPRENDO I could no longer understand her. It was like when Peter walked on water and when he realized what he was doing he began to sink. I found a sister missionary from Spain to talk to her for me. The woman was from PERU! I was telling Sister Yueng (from Hong Kong) about my experience and she told me that I should try to learn Spanish and study missionary materials in Spanish. I think that is to much for me and I will stick to English for now. Maybe I will learn Spanish in the future. 

Yesterday I saw Brother and Sister Janning! I am so happy they were my leaders at YC 2012. I have Sister Janning so many hugs because it was just so great to be with a familiar person that I know and love. My companion and I showed them and their family a presentation on families and it was so great. I know Heavenly Father helped them find me. They found me on the main floor of the North Visitors Center. I was only there because my comp and I found a cell phone so we took it to the desk, then a family from China asked us about baptism so we taught them about baptism in front of the John the Baptist baptizing Jesus Christ painting. Then as my conversation with the family concluded, the Janning's walked in! Also I saw Carl Gee and his family. Of course I didn't recognize him, but he saw my name and asked if Mike Price was my dad. 

On Friday I got an amazing new investigator. He is from NY and 16. His name is Griffin. He and his mom were visiting and he is super interested in the church. He has read the Bible and wants to read the Book of Mormon. My comp and I will teach him lessons over the phone. Our investigator, Jose, from Dominican Republic is doing well! We kneel and pray over the phone with him. The only problem is he is afraid to take the sacrament, but he is progressing. 
Today my companion and I went to an amazing Indian Restaurant with Sister Yu and Lee (Hong Kong and Taiwan). The food was absolutely delicious and they gave us a discount since my companion is from India. They also brought us extra food for free. I ate all of my food with my right hand and no utensils, like an Indian. My right hand still smells like Indian spices even though I have washed it several times. 

I made cookies for my zone activity and my roommate, Sister Gudiel from Honduras, never had cookie dough before! So I gave her some and she loved it. She taught me a way to make chicken like they do in Honduras. 

My mission is so amazing! I love talking to so many people everyday! On Saturday we had a member less active lesson. We talked about priesthood. The Elders took over most of the lesson since they actually hold the priesthood. My testimony of the power of the priesthood really grew. I really admire those who are worthy priesthood holders. The less active is Jeff and he is married with a baby on the way. He wants to come back to church and be sealed to his family in the temple and be able to give his child a baby blessing, but his wife is basically anti Mormon at this point, even though she was once a member. I realize that men really do need woman to help support them in the priesthood. Dad, I am so grateful that you joined the church and that mom supported you. I feel so blessed to have been raised in a house under the care of a worthy priesthood holder. Thank you mom for making dad the man he is now. I know he couldn't have done it without you!
I love you all!
-Sister Becca Price (Blue)

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Sister Price's 2nd full week in Temple Square!

This is what Rebecca said to us this week-

What a wonderful week it has been! I will try to cover most of the highlights of my week for you. On Monday (last week) my companion and I were giving a tour to a Youth Conference tour. We stopped in front of the flagpole at the west side of the temple. I was talking and looking into the youths eyes when I saw Cassie Burns and her mother standing to the side of them!! I was so surprised! So I continued talking and then I got to say hi and give them hugs as I took the YC group to the Christus statue. It was so awesome to see Cassie! Then later that same day I was walking to have my 30 min of lunch and my companion and I were stopped to give a tour. We wanted to eat, but we wanted blessings even we took the tour. After the tour we headed to lunch again. On our way we saw Cassie and her mom leaving the temple! Then shortly after we said bye to them we saw Russel M. Nelson! He said hi to us and he looked into my eyes! It was like he was looking into my entire soul. Anyway, imagine all that perfect timing, because the Lord blessed my comp and I with a tour that timed us perfectly to see Cassie and Russel M. Nelson. Also, that day I received a wonderful package from Momma. Thank you Momma! Mail and packages make me so happy. Thank you for including delicious gobs from Clark's!
Here at Temple Square we contact people via chat and telephone, because our mission isn't door-to-door. On Wednesday I called my first referral. I was so nervous. When I called the girl answered and after I explained who I was and such she said "good for you" and then told me "I do not appreciate you calling me...(more mean stuff)." My heart was so crushed. It was my first time calling someone to try to teach and she shot me down. Today I tried to call a referral that I received yesterday. It was from a girl who wanted me to try and contact her boyfriend and teach him. His name is Izzy. I called him today and it went great! I am going to call him again this week and meet with him on the phone for lessons. He is my first official investigator! Of course I already have investigators, but they came with my companion. Izzy is the first person that I've brought to be an investigator. It was wonderful! I spun around and couldn't stop smiling. I can't wait to teach him again! 

Today I passed of to be a driver so I can use the mission vehicles. It was fun getting to drive. The van that I drove is named Thunder! Before signing up to pass off as a driver I had to fill out some forms. I needed the last 4 digits of my social security number, but having the artistic mind that I have I couldn't remember it. So the Mission Presidents secretary had to call Momma. While she was calling mom she noticed me trying to listen to hear her voice. Being the sweet secretary she is, she put mom on speaker! I heard moms voice and it was awesome! Of course I wasn't allowed to talk, but I could hear her voice! It was wonderful. That same day I was working at the Information Desk and a homeless man I see a lot came up and asked to borrow my pen. I gave it to him and he was super cool. Later he brought it back to me, how kind. It's really random for me to share that, but I just thought it was a random and cool experience.
Who has heard of John Bytheway? Practically every Mormon has heard of him. He is a popular speaker and on Friday I met him! My companion and I gave more YC tours and he was the YC guest speaker. I shook his hand and told him about how I read his "What I Wish I Knew Before My Mission" book. He was so fun and his message was great.

My mission is so awesome! We are made up of 9 zones...that's a lot of people! On Saturday half of the zones went to Brighton Girls Camp in the mountains in the a.m. and the other half went in the p.m. I was in the p.m. group. It was so spiritual and fun. I recognized the ski resort/camp to be the same place that dad drove Olivia and I to when we were exploring the mountain roads on our college tour trip years ago.

Thank you everyone for all of your love and support. I know that I say that in most every email and letter, but I mean it! I am constantly thinking about all of you and keeping you in my prayers.
Love you all,
Sister Becca Price (Blue)