Saturday, September 6, 2014

Meet the Mormons 9-4-14

Meet The Mormons will be in Theaters October 10th! At first it was just going to be in Visitors Centers, but now it will first be in actual Theaters. All the net proceeds will go to the American Red Cross. You can check out the trailer and read more in the link below :)

It will be exciting to see! General Conference is just the week before so that is cool.

It has been a very busy week as fleet. At the end of every month we have to complete a report for every car, and it is time consuming. On top of that we have been passing off a lot of sisters lately. In other missions they don't need to take a test to be able to drive. But our mission does and I think it is because we have international drivers. 

Yesterday a sister from Fiji tried to pass off, but we had to fail her. Today she took the driving test again and did great! So now she is passed off. Yesterday was her first time driving a van with the steering wheel on the left side. 

One day while we were walking to contact people on the square a member approached us with a nonmember who wanted to talk with us. I was thinking "sweet someone to teach!" We sat down with the man and it was not what I initially expected. He told us he is psychic and all this other stuff. He told us many stories that included cats talking to him and him floating off the ground. Three times he lifted his shirt to show us this crazy scar. Not really sure what else to say about that situation. It was interesting. 

The pictures are of us in the tunnels sneaking around the Mormon Tabernacle Choir closet. It is cool! 

Have a great week everyone!
Sister Rebecca Price
In Mormon Tabernacle Choir closetIn Mormon Tabernacle Choir closet

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

I pray when... 8-28-14

This week has been great so far! On Monday I saw dad and Sydney!!!!!!! WOW! Sister Hardy and I showed them around Temple Square and went to dinner. It was a great time.

The church put out a video called "I pray when..." many people submitted photos for it and it turned out great. Sister Hardy and I made our own signs, which explains the attached picture. I chose I pray when I breath because it would imply that I am always praying and/or I pray when I am overwhelmed and need to take a deep breath.
On Tuesday I was on exchanges with Sister Yang from Taiwan. She went to BYU Hawaii so her English is great. We had some great tours together. In one large group tour a man from Israel stayed around asking us a ton of questions. He was so impressed with everything and said he can't wait to tell everyone back in Israel about his time here. He kept asking us what the Mormon secret is and all we could to is explain agency more fully.

This week for a companionship study we watched a devotional given by Elder Bednar.
I highly recommend it! In the video it also shows a part with people holding papers reading: "I pray when ________."
This morning we were busy with getting a driving record for one of the Canadian sisters. Sister Hardy and I get so many phone calls about the vehicles and all that jazz. The best part is passing the sisters off with the driving test. So far no near death experiences.
Seeing dad and Sydney was wonderful, but brought to life how fast my mission is going by. Its weird! But all is well. Have a great week everyone!
Love you all, 
Sister Rebecca Price

Hi, I am Sister Price and I am from Pennsylvania 8-21-14

Hi, I am Sister Price and I am from Pennsylvania. what part? Johnstown it is east of Pittsburgh, but I am originally from Cleveland. Would you like to be baptized? Yes of course! Oh wonderful.
Basically my everyday conversations, but not really ;)

Salt Lake is great! More and more Christmas lights come up everyday in preparation for winter season around the corner. 

Yesterday we had Zone Conference. Every principle of the gospel seemed to be touched in some way or another. At the end we had a testimony meeting. Mainly it was a lot of crying (myself included). Guess that is what happens with an all sister mission. My mission President has 5 daughters, so he has been surrounded by woman his entire life. Just like my dad! Speaking of dad, I will see you and Sydney on Tuesday! WOW! And Tomorrow Sister Hardy's brother is visiting with his wife who Sister Hardy hasn't even met yet. 

This transfer is going by super fast, I can't believe it is already week 3. 

A referral specialist for the church came and visited with our mission. He also works with the LDS Visitors Centers all over the world and keeps record of the tourists favorite things. He knows the statistics for the most popular this and that at the visitors centers. He asked us "What do you think the most popular exhibit of all the visitors centers are? What do you think the people mostly come for?" After some failed answers he told us "YOU!" A Sister in the back shouted "WHAT, I am not an exhibit!!" It was humorous, but also interesting. Apparently the sisters at Temple Square have been rated highest as peoples favorite part of all the visitors centers. Still scratching my head over that one...

Anyway things are going very well! It is super busy, but signs of the summer season winding down are beginning to show. 

Sister Hardy and I fail at taking pictures. All I have this week is a picture of me awkwardly posing with a radio. We will try to take more for next week!

We found an investigator on chat! He has a baptism date set for next month and is progressing with the local missionaries :)

Yesterday we met Emrey on the square (a recent convert that Sister Humble and I found together). She is so tough! She got hit by a car and the dude drove off, but she is recovering well and still keeping the faith. It was cool to talk to her. 

Love you all very much!
Sister Price

All is well :) 8-14-14

All is well here! Especially since it has been rainy lately, no complaints there. Sister Hardy and I are getting along very well. We are busy with fleet matters. We have passed off two sisters so far and this Saturday we will give a training to the first transfer sisters. Organizing nine cars for 200 sisters every week can be complicated, but it is fun too. We have our own cubicle so that is cool!
We have been able to find several investigators this week! One lives in Australia, which is a little complicated with the time change for calling him. Still, there is always email.
This morning we took a Youth Conference group around. It is hard to get the youth to interact and talk with such little time. Now I appreciate even more my youth leaders growing up. The guest speaker for the Youth Conference gave a great message focused on keeping our eyes on Christ and staying on the straight path.
Taking just English tours is becoming an adjustment. I became use to saying a brief line and waiting for Sister Wu to translate before I continued.
My district leader is Sister Yang (pronounced Young) from Taiwan and her companion is Sister Dutra from Brazil. The other companionship in our district is Sister Jin (Beijing China) and Sister Nguyen (Vietnam).

Overall things are going great and Sister Hardy and I are enjoying our transfer together so far.
I love you all!
Sister Price

Happy 18th Birthday to Sydney and Happy Anniversary to my mom and dad!
Sorry for only one picture. I will try to take more pictures for you next week.