Sunday, February 23, 2014

PokeySouthSuperZone 2-17-10

What a week it has been! I am no longer in a trio, just Sister Braegger and I now. She is a goof like me so we really enjoy each other. Our personalities go together very well and I see the two of us being life long friends.
On Saturday Elder Bednar came and spoke to my mission! That is the 6th apostle I've met. It is hard to describe exactly how the meeting went, but it was AMAZING! He encourages us to NOT take notes. That way the spirit could teach us. So once home from the meeting I wrote everything that I personally learned.
Later in the evening was the YSA Institute devotional with Elder Bednar as the speaker. It was more of a Q and A though. 6 of our less actives came and 1 of our investigators came. Lamine! He wasn't able to come to church on Sunday, but we will meet with him again on Wednesday.
Mom, the donuts that you sent came! You are the best ever for sending me donuts!! That was a wonderful part of my week.
Our zone is getting tshirts and we are each our own superhero and I am Supergirl! I wanted to be Wolverine but that was frowned upon.
Sorry my emails are less and less detailed or shorter than usual. It is hard to focus and think of what to write.
To summarize this week my companion and I got crunk and invited others to come unto Christ.
Oh and here is an unbelievable story...we had zone training on Thursday and everything was professional until the zone leaders revealed our amazing January actuals and future goals then yelled "doesn't this just make you want to rip your shirt off!" then they ripped open their button up shirts revealing superman shirts underneath. They continued to scream and yell and one even flipped a table and kicked over some chairs. It was awkward. We laughed but were also just in confused shock. The End. 

Love you all!
Sister Becca Price

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