Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Last Week Home

A couple years ago I was a Junior in High School attending 5:45 a.m. seminary every weekday. I was responsible for driving my younger sister Sydney and a young man in my ward to seminary as well. One morning I arose for seminary and went downstairs to let the dogs out. Sydney came and told me she would not be going, because she was tired. Shortly after she told me, the young man I drove texted me and said he too would not be going to seminary. I sat at the kitchen counter contemplating wether to stay or go. I decided to ask my Heavenly Father. Out loud I prayed "Dear Heavenly Father, I am tired and would like to go back to bed. I would really like to miss seminary today. Can I stay or should I go?" Immediately I laid down my scriptures and read the words "Rise up, ye women..." (Isaiah 32: 9). Heavenly Father had given me a very clear answer. I remember the amazement I felt that morning when He answered my prayer right away. Of course, I went to seminary that morning.

Whenever I have seen a really good movie or read a great book (Hunger Games, shout out to Meghan Kevesdy) I've told my friends and family so they can partake of the greatness. That is just what I want to do with the gospel, share it with everyone, because it is great! In a week I will report to the Missionary Training Center in Provo Utah. After two weeks at the MTC I will go to Salt Lake City Temple Square.

Preparing for my mission would not be possible without the help of my mom. She has helped my gather all the materials I need to go. Yesterday she drove me to the mall in Pittsburgh. There we (almost) completed gathering everything on the list of stuff that I need for my mission. She was always taken care of me. When she took me to college she made sure that I was left with plenty of food in my cupboards. Also, she was only a phone call away when I was at school. On my mission I will only be able to talk to her on mothers day and Christmas. This will allow me to focus more on my mission work. I can't wait to serve!

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