Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Email Sent 11-5-13 (LET IT SNOW)

Dear Price Family,
This morning (6:00am early to leave the apartment) my companion and I were walking down the apartment stairwell to head to the temple and I heard a very familiar sound...a snow plow! Sister Escobedo opened the door, screamed, and stepped back. It was a blizzard outside! She has NEVER seen snow like this before so she has scared and it was hilarious! It was a good thing I decided to wear my long coat and gloves this morning. Our blinds are always closed and outside our window is just a stone ally so we hadn't checked to see what the weather was like before we left. I showed Sis Escobedo how to make a snow ball, it was cool. Anyway, snow is absolutely beautiful and I love it! I enjoy how Smitty always turns into a snow dog when he runs outside in the snow. It all sticks to him.
Things with Sister Escobedo are going great. She is very sweet and loving. It is funny how she talks sometimes. Things translate differently and she says stuff like "lets make a prayer" rather than "lets say a prayer." The way she words things can often make conversations with people on the square awkward, but funny. A while back I asked her what Mexican people say for awkward and she said "que oso" which technically means "what bear." So now I say "que oso" or even just "what bear" and it makes her laugh.
Best thing about my companion and I is we are well balanced and unified. When we teach, neither one of us owns the conversation. It is nice. It hasn't been like this the entire time together. At first during tours I would look at her to speak and she would give me a blank stare so I would just keep talking. But now she knows what to say. I think she always knew what to say, I just needed to boost her confidence. Everything she says is so golden, I love when she shares her conversion story with guests. Every time she does they are so interested and keep asking more questions. She has been a member for 6 years. Her former high school is now the Mexico City MTC.
This morning we called our amazing investigator Kelly. We met Kelly on mormon.org chat. This is her second time investigating the church. Kelly already knows everything! But she tells us she wants us to teach her everything again so she can review. She even goes to lds.org and reads talks and studies the Book of Mormon. It is wonderful. Sadly, her local missionaries have a virus and can't visit until they are better. Hopefully she can get to church soon!
For Halloween we all gathered into one of the theaters and got to watch Narnia! It was fun, but also weird watching an actual movie.
For Relief Society on Thursday (yes we have it on Thurs) I was asked to dress up as a disney princess and talk about what makes me a princess. We had Merida (from Brave), Cinderella, Mahama (from Johnny Lingo), Snow White, Ariel, and then Rapunzel! I was Rapunzel and I carried a frying pan and a stuffed chameleon. It was fun. Now some of the sisters will still call me Rapunzel. Even before I dressed up as her some sisters called me that already because of my long blonde hair. Speaking of which I am getting a haircut soon! Sister Ha from Korea cut hair in Gangnam (not sure if it is spelled right) and it is some high end place where celebrities go...so basically I trust her.

My mind is blank now and I am not sure what else to say...I forget what has happened this past week because so much happened!
oh... HaPpY bIrThDaY MOM!! You are absolutely gorgeous and perfectly perfect in every way!
All my love,

Becca's first snowfall as a missionary
Sister Price is just a little chilly...

with her companion and other missionaries

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