Sunday, November 17, 2013

November 12, 2013

Rebecca's email from last week

Dear Family, 

Tonight is the Missionary Fireside we have been practicing for! I am very excited. The music should be wonderful. The best part is we all walk in carrying our flag. I love America! And we wave them around and stuff. It is fun. 

Oh dear I have no idea what to email about this week! Well, Sister Escobedo and I have had so much luck finding people to teach. This past week we started teaching Dwain from England, Tia from Philadelphia, Mariah from somewhere in the US (I forget where), and 4 people from Guatemala and Chile! The Lord is preparing souls for us to teach. 

Sister Escobedo passed off in English and Spanish this week so we got a free dinner at the Lion House! Yum! Their bread rolls are delicious and I got the artichoke chicken for dinner which was super yummy. 

I'm looking in my journal to see what else I can tell you about. Lately I have been better at writing in my journal! The one I started at the MTC is very close to being filled so soon I will start writing in the one the Taylor family got me before I left. 

This 13 year old boy named Cohen keeps calling me because he wants to learn about the church! But I can't talk to him until I get his parents permission. It is a very complicated situation. He is from North Carolina and has the sweetest southern accent. Pray that I will be able to talk to his parents and get permission to teach him, maybe even his whole family! He went to church with his friends and loved it. Sometimes it is hard teaching over email and phone because we miss out on face to face interaction. 

Last night my roommates, Sister Dantas from Brazil, Sister Richardson from North Carolina, and Sister Escobedo, and I sung nursey rymnes to each other to compare the different languages. It was fun. Then we all sang the Itsy Bitsy Spider in our own language out loud. So English, Portuguese, and Spanish all at once. Simple things can be so fun. 

I briefly heard about a storm going through the Philippines. We have six sisters from there and they had no idea what happened until people came on the square to them saying: "Is your family in the Philippines safe from the hurricane?" That is how we found out about it. That would be hard. I'm keeping all the victims in my prayers. 

Love you all! Take care!

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