Tuesday, April 8, 2014

General Conference (4-7-14)

General Conference was wonderful! We were happy to have a new investigator (that was found on a successful blitz) come to the Sunday morning session. I really enjoyed the talk on follow-up. I especially loved that Elder M Russell Ballard encouraged every member to get a Preach My Gospel and study it. So I expect everyone to keep that commitment! I enjoyed when he said, “No matter how good your message is, you may not get a chance to deliver it without consistent, persistent follow-up.”

This week Sister Braegger and I hit our 9 month mark. So she insisted that we take a bump picture...I was against it at first, but she convinced me. That explains the awkward bump picture.

The Stake President over the YSA took us and the elders to Wingers for lunch this week. We pigged out and ended with a lemonade drinking contest. My swimmer lungs caused me to dominate the competition and put the elders to shame. There is a funny video of it that I will share one day.

For April fools we wore mustaches to district meeting. 

Well not really sure what else to add...have a great week everyone 

Sister Price (Blue)

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