Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Spring break was better than we thought. We met and taught a lot of new people. Most of them are married or over the YSA age so we have to hand them over to family wards. At least they will still get taught by missionaries.

The weather was getting nice and warm until a random snow storm came yesterday. 

Sister Braegger and I have been working super hard to try to find new people to teach. There was a set back when she injured her back and had to go on some intense medicine that would make her funny. She is getting better now though so it is good that it wont be a continuing problem for her. 

Happy to hear about a wonderful cruise with the Price and Snyder families! I've enjoyed the pictures that I've seen so far. Especially the one of all the teenagers in footie pajamas. 

We have a new investigator named Adam. He has read all the way past 2nd Nephi and it hasn't even been a week. So he seems promising. 

Not really sure what else to add!

Love you all! Stay safe and take care :)

Sister Price (BLUEski)

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