Monday, April 14, 2014

Happy Easter! (4-14-14)


This week has been very successful. Our investigator Adam has accepted the invitation to be baptized and he is praying about the date (April 30th or May 10th). Adam came to church yesterday and stayed for all three hours. He absorbs everything that he learns and he has been blasting through the Book of Mormon. He is almost through Alma! Just a testimony builder that those who read the Book of Mormon with real intent WILL know for themselves that it is true. 

Harley is a new investigator that we have with a date to be baptized on April 26th. We haven't even met him yet! Elder Card and Chavarria from our district found him and set a date with him and transferred Harley to us since he is in our area. We are so excited to help him prepare for his date!

On Tuesday Sister Braegger and I fasted for our area since things have slowed down since the baptism of John. Fasting works!! Miracles always follow :)

This morning we got a call that we are moving. Just to another members basement in our area. We have been living with the Roberts. A wonderful couple. We will miss them. The women we are moving in with is Sister Ball. She doesn't want Elders living with her (hmm wonder why haha) So Elders will replace us at the Roberts home. We will still be covering the same 3 wards. 

This week has been fairly warm and I have even gotten some sun :) Obviously not as much as Elder Perryman gets in Peru. It is still fun considering how white I am. I even am getting a tan line from my Noah's Ark CTR ring...pretty fancy. 

Not sure what else to add. Sorry I didn't take as many pictures this past week. Enjoy Easter!

Sister Price!

PS check out you will want to watch the video over and over again!

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