Sunday, July 20, 2014

July 16, 2014

Brigham Young knew that the Salt Lake Valley was THEE PLACE, but why did it have to be such a hot place? It was been in the 100's and we are getting roasted. A bright side of the Beehive House is the air conditioning. In case you're wondering the air conditioning is NOT original. Brighton Girls camp was fun! Half the mission went in the morning and then we switched and the other half went. We had a good time. Sister Wu repelled and zip lined!!! (With a lot of persuading on my part) It was awesome! I took a video of it on her camera and another video of her crying (awkward) that is what missionary companions are for! This morning our zone went to the Bountiful Temple! It was a good time. I thought of other missionaries like James and Clara who don't have a Temple in their mission. Guess I am just a blessing magnet. My mission is THE BEST MISSION! Sorry other missionaries... We had a random crazy wind storm last week. We Mary Poppined our way home, but not really. That would have been exciting. WOW JUST NOW I got a phone call from a Sister on the square and my Bishop from outbound and his wife are here and coming over to see me RIGHT NOW. SO fun. They are super great. Bishop Rivera let me store things at his house for when I visit before Winter Semester at BYU- Idaho. Things are still very busy, we take tour after is good though that we are busy rather than just being lazy all day long. I will send pictures as well! Love you all Bye now! Sister Price

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