Wednesday, September 3, 2014

All is well :) 8-14-14

All is well here! Especially since it has been rainy lately, no complaints there. Sister Hardy and I are getting along very well. We are busy with fleet matters. We have passed off two sisters so far and this Saturday we will give a training to the first transfer sisters. Organizing nine cars for 200 sisters every week can be complicated, but it is fun too. We have our own cubicle so that is cool!
We have been able to find several investigators this week! One lives in Australia, which is a little complicated with the time change for calling him. Still, there is always email.
This morning we took a Youth Conference group around. It is hard to get the youth to interact and talk with such little time. Now I appreciate even more my youth leaders growing up. The guest speaker for the Youth Conference gave a great message focused on keeping our eyes on Christ and staying on the straight path.
Taking just English tours is becoming an adjustment. I became use to saying a brief line and waiting for Sister Wu to translate before I continued.
My district leader is Sister Yang (pronounced Young) from Taiwan and her companion is Sister Dutra from Brazil. The other companionship in our district is Sister Jin (Beijing China) and Sister Nguyen (Vietnam).

Overall things are going great and Sister Hardy and I are enjoying our transfer together so far.
I love you all!
Sister Price

Happy 18th Birthday to Sydney and Happy Anniversary to my mom and dad!
Sorry for only one picture. I will try to take more pictures for you next week.

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