Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Hi, I am Sister Price and I am from Pennsylvania 8-21-14

Hi, I am Sister Price and I am from Pennsylvania. what part? Johnstown it is east of Pittsburgh, but I am originally from Cleveland. Would you like to be baptized? Yes of course! Oh wonderful.
Basically my everyday conversations, but not really ;)

Salt Lake is great! More and more Christmas lights come up everyday in preparation for winter season around the corner. 

Yesterday we had Zone Conference. Every principle of the gospel seemed to be touched in some way or another. At the end we had a testimony meeting. Mainly it was a lot of crying (myself included). Guess that is what happens with an all sister mission. My mission President has 5 daughters, so he has been surrounded by woman his entire life. Just like my dad! Speaking of dad, I will see you and Sydney on Tuesday! WOW! And Tomorrow Sister Hardy's brother is visiting with his wife who Sister Hardy hasn't even met yet. 

This transfer is going by super fast, I can't believe it is already week 3. 

A referral specialist for the church came and visited with our mission. He also works with the LDS Visitors Centers all over the world and keeps record of the tourists favorite things. He knows the statistics for the most popular this and that at the visitors centers. He asked us "What do you think the most popular exhibit of all the visitors centers are? What do you think the people mostly come for?" After some failed answers he told us "YOU!" A Sister in the back shouted "WHAT, I am not an exhibit!!" It was humorous, but also interesting. Apparently the sisters at Temple Square have been rated highest as peoples favorite part of all the visitors centers. Still scratching my head over that one...

Anyway things are going very well! It is super busy, but signs of the summer season winding down are beginning to show. 

Sister Hardy and I fail at taking pictures. All I have this week is a picture of me awkwardly posing with a radio. We will try to take more for next week!

We found an investigator on chat! He has a baptism date set for next month and is progressing with the local missionaries :)

Yesterday we met Emrey on the square (a recent convert that Sister Humble and I found together). She is so tough! She got hit by a car and the dude drove off, but she is recovering well and still keeping the faith. It was cool to talk to her. 

Love you all very much!
Sister Price

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