Wednesday, September 3, 2014

I pray when... 8-28-14

This week has been great so far! On Monday I saw dad and Sydney!!!!!!! WOW! Sister Hardy and I showed them around Temple Square and went to dinner. It was a great time.

The church put out a video called "I pray when..." many people submitted photos for it and it turned out great. Sister Hardy and I made our own signs, which explains the attached picture. I chose I pray when I breath because it would imply that I am always praying and/or I pray when I am overwhelmed and need to take a deep breath.
On Tuesday I was on exchanges with Sister Yang from Taiwan. She went to BYU Hawaii so her English is great. We had some great tours together. In one large group tour a man from Israel stayed around asking us a ton of questions. He was so impressed with everything and said he can't wait to tell everyone back in Israel about his time here. He kept asking us what the Mormon secret is and all we could to is explain agency more fully.

This week for a companionship study we watched a devotional given by Elder Bednar.
I highly recommend it! In the video it also shows a part with people holding papers reading: "I pray when ________."
This morning we were busy with getting a driving record for one of the Canadian sisters. Sister Hardy and I get so many phone calls about the vehicles and all that jazz. The best part is passing the sisters off with the driving test. So far no near death experiences.
Seeing dad and Sydney was wonderful, but brought to life how fast my mission is going by. Its weird! But all is well. Have a great week everyone!
Love you all, 
Sister Rebecca Price

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