Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Email from Sister Price sent October 15, 2013

Dear Family,
Sister Humble and I will no longer be companions as of tomorrow. I will miss her. She and I have become best friends. We feel like we have known each other for years, but also feel we have only been together for a short time. Her new companion is Sister Takahashi from Canada. Sister Takahashi has been out for 6 transfers I think.
Now for my new companion...well I have no clue who she is because she is COMING FROM THE MTC! That's right! I am training! I am the youngest Sister ever to train at temple square so far. I am so excited! But also shocked because I am only going into my third transfer! President Monson's words have been comforting me as I mentally prepare to train, “When we are on the Lord’s errand, we are entitled to the Lord’s help. Remember that whom the Lord calls, the Lord qualifies.”
My "baby" (as we call the trainees here) is arriving tomorrow morning and I will find out who she is at 1pm! I can't wait! My MTC companion, Sister Nakayama, is training too! How lucky and awesome is that?! She and I had so much fun being sister training leaders for those 20 days at the MTC and now we will both be training!
This past Sunday we spoke at a homeless branch. It was so humbling. We spoke very briefly and simply, because most of the people who come aren't even members. During sacrament I sat by a woman named Michelle. She has a walking disability and is so sweet. She brought her own green hymn book to church! I invited her to come to temple square so I could see her again and I mentioned the Christmas lights then asked her what her favorite holiday is, she repleid "hmm probably Hanukkah because I am Jewish."  Michelle was so precious! I attached a picture of me with a bag. The branch presidents wife gave me a goodie bag filled with candy, soap, a pillow case, and wash cloth for speaking at the homeless branch.
With the new transfer tomorrow means new roommates. Sister Dantas has been out one transfer more than me and she is from BRAZIL! She will be my new roommate along with her baby who comes tomorrow. I will really miss rooming with Sister Gudiel from Honduras. She and I are best friends and I really want to visit her in Honduras one day.
Funny story, my roommate Sister Torres from Mexico was frustrated with another Sister and said "I'm going to kill you Sister Peters!" But she was KIDDING (of course) and then added..."Just kidding Sister Peters I am so candy." We were all confused, what she meant to say was "...I am so sweet." It was hilarious! Sister Torres is still learning English. Once she was just walking and moved her body and said "Oh I love the window!" and what she meant to say was "Oh I love the wind!"
Below I also attached pictures of the mission board and my West 1 zone. Guess what?! I will be at West Gate for another transfer!!! I am so happy! Usually sisters are only there for two transfers, but I will be in there for my third. It will be fun training there. My p-day will be on Tuesdays again.
All my love,
Blueski (as dad would say)
P.S. Natalie and Sydney, Please update my blog! :) THANK YOU!

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