Sunday, October 27, 2013

Quick update on Sister Price!

This is Rebecca's most recent email and pictures.

My new companion is Sister Escobedo and she is from Mexico City! Since my assignment is West Gate I expected an American companion. When my name was called to be paired with a Mexican sister my face lit up and I ran out of my aisle and pulled her into my arms. Her English is good because she worked at a call center in Mexico. But I still have to help her out some times and correct her pronunciation. Now that I have a Spanish companion I am teaching Spanish speakers in Columbia, Argentina...and wait for it....PERU! (Lima to be exact). We teach on the phone and she translates for me. I can understand more than I thought I would be able to, but they talk so fast so it makes things difficult. We also take Spanish chats on mormon.orgtogether. My first Spanish chat was a person from Ecuador then someone from Peru. When I want to message on the chat I just say English and what I know of Spanish then Sister Escobedo tells me how to type it in Spanish.
Temple Square is way less busy now. It drives me crazy because I have way more down time than I have become use to. Even West Gate is less busy. So I read Our Heritage. Once I am done reading that I will read Jesus The Christ. Of course I am doing this as I read the Book of Mormon and Bible as well. We now have 1 hour dinner. I am use to only having 30 min for dinner. So it is different. With less people on the square means less tours. We have only taken 2 tours in the past week :( so sad. Once the Holiday lights are on more people will come to Temple Square!
Lately my companion and I have been focusing a lot on our investigator Tiffany. She is from United States! Oklahoma to be exact. She is a busy mother and really pleasant to talk to on the phone. Tiffany is having a lot of personal struggles. I wish I could just give her a big hug. I love all the people we teach here.

Sadly, antimormons come onto mormon.orgchat and break my heart. I try not to let contention swell in my heart. I remember that they are children of God too and He loves them. They made the same decision that I made to come here to earth. With anti's the best thing to do is just keep the conversation peaceful and brief. Arguing with Book of Mormon and Bible passages is not the way to go.
This week Sister Hale, who was in my MTC District, came to me and told me that she thinks that I have really changed since the MTC. Then she and her companion left a note in my mailbox that was so sweet and made my day. It was really sweet of her to saw that. It is hard to explain how I have changed. But it is all for the better. 

Thanks for all you do! Let me know what I can do for you!
Love Blue!

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