Sunday, March 30, 2014

Happy Spring! (3-24-14)

Hello to my family on a cruise without me (I still love you anyway)

On Saturday John was baptized! What a wonderful experience it was. Not even sure how to describe it! Overall Johns baptism was an experience I've never had before and will never forget. I'm so proud of him and the way he has let the spirit work in him to teach and testify of the truth. No doubt he is a great contribution to the church.

Our Mission has a goal to have every companionship baptize this April! Sister Bragger and I have many people in our teaching pool...but it is ultimately up to the person to act on invitations given and find the truth through prayer. The spirit is the real teacher.

Spring break is this week so tons of people we normally teach are gone :( Sister Braegger and I aren't letting that stop us though! Oh, I almost forgot to mention that she and I are staying together this new transfer! Our district is remaining the same except for one set of elders that have been white washed. We thought sisters would replace them, but more Elders. We are the only sisters in our district. Those Elders can be sassy, but we still love them. Seriously though they are the sass masters. Reminds me of when Meredith cried because Natalie called her the sass master or something like that.

Sister Bragger is so funny, here is something she emailed home today: "We have been walking a lot which is good because I need to lose some fluff.  Sister Price and I both like to walk which is good until the wind blows a billion miles an hour hahahaha jk. Skirts are not the best thing for wind I'm just throwing that out there. But maybe we will attract more baptisms???? haha that was a joke everyone!!!  But really the wind is super strong. for service we have been picking up trash cans off the road."

This weeks pictures include: Me trying to convert a dog. Because of spring break we are resorting to teaching the woodland creatures. Us with a family that we ate dinner with. They gave us farm fresh eggs to take home...yum! And of course John's baptism pictures.

Love you all!
Sister Price

PS. My half way point is April 2nd??? Where has all the time gone?

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