Tuesday, November 18, 2014

안녕하세요 11-11-14

This past week we have been busy with exchanges. I especially enjoyed being on exchanges with Sister Escobedo at Welfare Square. We took several tours, but also were able to be hosts in the Bishop Storehouse. Everyone we helped had Spanish order forms so Sister Escobedo and the guest enjoyed laughing at my pronunciation. It was fun.
While on exchange with Sister Polanco we took a family from Florida (originally Puerto Rico) around the square. They were very interested in learning more and will keep in touch with us.
At a training I was able to give instruction about companionship unity. I was able to connect my lesson to Nutella. Any excuse for chocolate, right? I am working on self mastery now and set a goal to not have chocolate until I get home (at least). I wonder how long that will last.
Sister Oh and I have had a lot of success teaching and contacting people in the teaching center (basically a calling/computer center). The square is slower than usual these days, but that will pick up once the holiday lights turn on.
The other day we were talking to a member who said "So do you just walk around the square all day?" Now I need to practice humility because of the slightly sassy way that I responded. It wasn't mean though! Just a little sassy.
Sister Oh is teaching me Korean. So far I can say:
It's a dog
It's a bird
It's a tree
Thank you
The first three aren't really helpful. You never know though. One day I could be in Korea and save someones life with the first three! Probably not though.
Well I love you all!
Sister Price

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