Sunday, November 9, 2014

If God is your co-pilot then switch seats 11-4-14

Oh! Sister Oh from Korea is my missionary companion now :) We are assigned to nothing specific, which is great! We have desk assignments, square time, and time in the teaching center like everyone else. But nothing specific like Beehive House, Fleet, or Welfare Square. My district is great! In my district are two other companionship's. Sister Polonco (Guatemala), Sister Armendariz (Mexico), and Sister Jarvi (Finland) who is in her first transfer and being trained by Sister Escobedo (Mexico) who I was training a year ago! I was so surprised to have her in my district, but it is awesome!

I am excited to be go on exchanges with Sister Escobedo since we were already companions :) Plus, she serves at Welfare Square 3x a week, so I will get to go on exchanges there at least once this transfer.
Being with Sister Oh is great! She is in her 3rd transfer now, but is so ready to work. I am very lucky to have her as my companion.
For Halloween we went to the Temple as a mission, it was a very special experience.
Fleet was fun at times, but I don't miss it. I am grateful for the experience, but it was much more work than I thought it would be so it is nice to be more of a missionary without fleet as my assignment now.
My roommates are Sister Worthen (New Zealand) and Sister Rasheed (Pakistan). Sister Rasheed is in her 2nd transfer of being trained. We wrapped Sister Rasheed up in "spider web" and she hid in Sister Sherratt's closest and scared her. She also scared Sister Oh, but that wasn't planned...just conveniently humorous.
Sister Oh and I have been having countless miracles talking to great people on the square. Everything is going well.
I love you all, 
Sister Price
Sister Price and Sister Oh

Sister Price and Sister Oh

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