Saturday, December 21, 2013

Email sent 12-6-13

Dear Everyone, 

My second transfer of my mission I experienced countless encounters with antimormons. I noticed that after every encounter something great would happen. I know that it was just Satan trying to bring my companionship spirit down before a prepared person came our way. Satan always failed! Same sort of thing applies to when times a hard...good usually follows when we endure it well. 

D&C 121: 8 And then, if thou endure it well, God shall exalt thee on high 

Last week was very hard, there are weeks like that. But this week was great! For those of you praying for missionaries, and or I, I've really felt those prayers this week. Ok family, you know I love the animated movie "Meet the Robinson's." I am going to relate to that again. We truly do determine the outcome of our situation. No one can determine our future for us, only we can. In the movie, Michael Goobian (Goob) spends his whole life focusing on the bad. He let himself live in anger because of one baseball game he lost. We can't go through life focusing on those bad baseball games. Sure, it is healthy to vent for a while, but eventually we must "Keep Moving Forward" as the movie says. 

This week Sister Escobedo and I spent a lot of time taking chats during the day, because no one is on the square during the day...all the people come at night. We answered many chats, most were trollers. Then we started talking with a woman from the UK and also a 19 year old girl from Texas. Both are now new investigators! 

A week ago today the Christmas lights turned on. The square is now packed every night! So many people come to see the lights. It is so fun! The chaos is exciting because there are just thousands of people to talk to. One man came up to me and asked "How do you know who to talk to? Do you figure out how to tell who are members and who are not?" I replied "Well I know to talk to you now that you approached me, but we are not here for just nonmembers or members, we are here for everyone!" He seemed confused then we chatted for a little more. Funny how some members avoid us because they figure "we don't need to talk to them because we are already members." We are representatives of Christ here for everyone. Christ loves us all equally and as His representatives we love everyone we meet equally...even those who yell and tell us we are going to burn and we aren't Christians. (Yes that has happened, it is scary)

Last night I got to go to the Latino Concert since my companion speaks Spanish. It was so great! I couldn't understand diddly squat, but it was still beautiful. My favorite song was one from Peru. Children came on the stage and danced in traditional Peruvian clothes. It was precious! Another reason why I liked that one so much has to do with the fact that James is serving in Peru. 

This Sunday is the 2013 Christmas Devotional and we get to go! Funny thing is some of our mission wont have if anyone comes you may see me standing in the standby line.

There has been snow since Tuesday. And it has been so cold since then! I've been bundled up though with mittens, my long coat, and boots. I also wear layers of tights and leggings. It is fun. The Tabernacle is dome shaped so every morning the sun unthaws the snow and ice on its roof. If you are walking by the Tabernacle and you hear a crack you better run, because ice and snow are about to fall on you! It is dangerous so there are caution signs everywhere. I saw an old couple walking and I heard a crack and the ice fell right behind them as they walked...lucky them. 

One nights we were playing Luke II for people and I met a woman who works behind the scenes with Studio C! We talked about the show and even quoted it. Then I remembered "I am not here to talk about BYU divine comedy!" You know how I get off track so easily. So then we started talking about Christmas. 

My invitation for everyone this season is to think of a gift they can give to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. Christ coming into the world was a gift for us, so lets give something back! Think of that and try and give your gift by Christmas.

Love you all, 
Sister Price (Blue)

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