Saturday, December 21, 2013

Email sent 12-20-13

Yesterday it snowed and snowed so the square closed and we were all sent home at 1:30pm! I didn't know snow days were possible here. So we were allowed to just chill in our apartments. I napped because for the past 4 nights (except last night) I've been sleeping on the floor in other apartments due to carbon monoxide in my apartment. The carbon monoxide alarm went off while we were getting ready for church Sunday. Reminded me of when mom went to the hospital because of carbon monoxide poisoning, yikes. It was only our apartment that had the problem. The fire department came twice and both times detected high levels of it.
Temple Square has been great because every night there are just so many people here to talk to. Even if people just want us to take a picture for them it is just fun talking to many people. In the summer we rarely talk to people from around SLC. Now everyone we talk to is from Utah. The seasons really determine who comes here. I'm pretty sure all of China has been to Temple Square by now.
On Tuesday rather than giving a tour, we went on a tour! We got to go inside of the Conference Center and Tabernacle organ! It was awesome. I even got to play the Tabernacle organ. It was so fun. I'll include pictures! One picture is me inside the CC organ. You can see the seats on the other side. There is a picture of Sister Escobedo next to the tour guide and she is acting creepy, it makes me laugh.
Yesterday we had Relief Society at The actual Relief Society building and Sister Burton (The General Relief Society President) taught us. She is so sweet! She took the time to hug each of us.
Tomorrow night we get to go to a members home for dinner! You may be wondering why this is so significant? Well we don't get to be fed by members in my mission and this is my first time having dinner at a members home! Each district goes to a members home. My district consists of 6 sisters from California/Taiwan, Germany, Hong Kong, Mexico, and of course Pennsylvania/Ohio.
Happy Birthday Meredith! You are growing up so fast.
I really just don't know what else to say because I will be calling home on Christmas!!!! Wow! I love you all! Merry Christmas!
Sister Price (Blue)

in front of temple in the cold

The tabernacle

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