Monday, December 2, 2013

Letter sent 11-29-13

Dear familyski howya doski?
Thanksgiving was wonderful! We took one tour in the morning because the square was pretty empty. At 2:00pm the square closed and we went to this awesome venue called Noah's. We sang some songs and played games. Many rooms had different things going on. Sister Escobedo and I went to a movie room and watched Princess Bride! Which reminds me, wasn't Wesley (the main guy in the movie) one of Sydney's imaginary friends when she was little? I know she had George of the Jungle, but I think Wesley was one too. After the movie we went to eat! While waiting for other sisters to get their food they played music and we danced! It was so much fun. After the delicious feast we danced some more! Then we made a Christmas ornament for our missions tree and watched Monsters University! I love movies! It was great. After the movie ended we went to the roof and ice skated. Sister Escobedo was afraid so I would hold both her hands and skate backwards while she went forward. If I let go of her she refused to move. Eventually she decided just to watch. Sister Nakayama and I made a funny video on her camera...I skate and then slide on my belly under her legs. It is even funnier in slow motion. You will get to see the video after my mission. Dancing was so fun though! Sister Bee (not her real name, her real name is impossible to spell and say so even her tag says Sister Bee), well she did a fun Russian dance! Girls, it was like the Russian one on Just Dance that is impossible for us to do. It was so cool!
Tonight at 5:00pm the Christmas lights will turn on! It will be so beautiful, we are all so excited here! My new district this transfer is so cool. My district leader is from Hong Kong, her companion is from Germany, and the other sisters from our district are from Taiwan and Cambodia. Then Sister Escobedo from Mexico of course. So I am the only American in my district. This transfer we didn't get and new sisters from America! Most of them came from French Polynesia and Asia. So cool!
Yesterday we also got to call Dwain, our investigator from England. He kept his promise and this time he said the prayer on the phone. It was so great. He was nervous because he has never prayed out loud, but he did so well. Sister Escobedo and I met him on chat! 

Today we have to go to Walmart for groceries, but it is also black Friday. Yikes! Last year I was in Boise Idaho for Thanksgiving with Olivia and Meghan. That was fun. We went to Target for black Friday shopping. The crowd going in was running, so I ran too! Wow the things people do...just pray we don't get trampled in Walmart today.
On a good note I pet a dog yesterday! It was a pit bull mixed with something else. Oh it was so great to pet a dog! When are you going to mail Smitty and Lilly to me?
Well I don't know what else to say, I did just email you on Tuesday. So enjoy the pictures! I may send another email with more. Take care!
 PS Sister Nakayama baked me a pumpkin pie! Which explains the picture of me with a pie! Also my mission President is the man with both hands in the air
Sister missionaries of Temple Square
With the pumpkin pie Sister Nakayama made her

Sister Price ice skating

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