Monday, December 2, 2013

Letter send 11-26-13

Happy Thanksgiving!
Wow I love this time of year! Thanksgiving then Christmas. The final lights are being put up right now! It has been a work in progress since August! The manger on the reflection pool was put up last night and it is beautiful. Their is another nativity set up on the large lawn in front of the North Visitors Center. The dummies look so real. I have been temped to steal their clothes and take their spot...then start moving slowly when people walk by and freak them out. I have resisted that temptation, so far...
Thanksgiving plans for here are still a secret. It is all work on Thursday until the square closes at 4:00pm. We have no clue what happens after that. Hopefully some turkey, sweet potatoes, apple pie, pumpkin pie, and all that good stuff. Yumm I can't wait!
Izzy, I think I mentioned him before, is doing so well. Having Sister Escobedo as a companion has been great. She helps a lot because she is from the same religious background as Izzy. Plus they are both Mexican so they connect on that level. Izzy is only 15 but he knows the Bible so well and now he is studying the Book of Mormon. It is wonderful.
Sister Escobedo turned 21 on Sunday! I told her "Hey now you can drink!" (Common mormon joke since we don't drink.) Then I learned the drinking age in Mexico is 18! Wow. I baked her a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. Mom, you will be so disappointed...I bought icing in a jar! You are the master of icing...but it was just the easier option here.
Once a week we meet with our District. It is always helpful to receive insights from other Sisters. My District leader is Sister Olongayo from the Philippines. Her trainee Sister Thrusiglio from Italy made all of us lasagna! Her mom is a cook in Italy. Wow it was so delicious.
Transfer conference was yesterday morning at 7:00am. I am staying with Sister Escobedo! She is so amazing. Heavenly Father truly put her and I together for a reason. She has taught me way more than I feel I've taught her. It will be fun being with her for the Holiday Season. My new zone is North 3 and our assignment is just square! No more West Gate. My last time at West Gate will be tomorrow 12-3. I'll miss it there. Our new preparation day is Friday so we have two pdays this week! This mission is the only mission where that happens during transfer week. Also, I am staying in the same apartment. I've never had to move which is nice.
Sister Doraiswamy comes back from Florida tomorrow and Sister Humble leaves for Seattle Washington tomorrow for her outbound! I will probably go outbound after this new transfer. I am going into my 4th tomorrow.
Well I love you all. Enjoy your Thanksgiving!
P.S. Saw the Prophet President Thomas S. Monson at Music and The Spoken Word on Sunday. No big deal, actually HUGE DEAL WOW.

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