Friday, January 3, 2014

Email sent 1-3-14

On New Years Eve the list of Sisters going away to another mission was revealed. A board with the pictures of the sisters was turned around and on the board was my picture! I almost cried. I wasn't happy or sad. The opportunities that I know are ahead excite me, but I will really miss Temple Square for the time that I am away. Recently Sister Escobedo and I have found many new people to teach. But I have to leave them in the hands of other Sisters as I go. Cohen, the 13 year old boy from North Carolina, is getting baptized the Sunday after I leave!

On Monday morning is transfer conference. Everyone will learn their new assignment, leaders, companion, apartment, and outbound sisters will be told: "Sister ______ your new companion is in the _________ mission!" If I am right we get 10 min to call home and tell them where we are going. We never got a phone call from the airport to the field after the MTC because we drove up from Provo of course. Then Wednesday morning we fly to our new mission. I've become so comfortable here. My District Leaders and Zone Leaders are Sister missionaries, but outbound they will be Elders. Elders are awkward! No offense to James or any other Elders out there...but I will miss the all girl mission.

Yesterday half the mission went on a field trip. It was to the BYU Provo art Exhibit called Sacred Gifts. The art was beautiful and we got free prints of post of the paintings. Carl Bloch was the main artist that was focused on. If anyone is in Provo you MUST GO TO IT! My favorite painting was the one of Christ coming out of the tomb. We traveled with public transportation and 2 insane things happened that I wont share. But just know 2 crazy things happened and it reminded me how safe I've been in my Temple Square bubble. Being on BYU Campus was nice! But to me, it wasn't as beautiful as Idaho's campus. Sorry!

This morning we went to the Temple and the moment we walking in I felt the Spirit come over me with a feeling of peace and joy. There is no better way to start the day! Except for maybe breakfast because I ate before I went and I probably would have been grumpy if I didn't eat. You know how important breakfast is.

Love you all!
Sister Price

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