Friday, January 3, 2014

Email sent 12-27-13

Christmas was fantastic! On Christmas day I called home in the morning which was wonderful! Hands down the best part about Christmas day. So great to hear everyone's voice. Later that night we watched Christmas for a Dollar. Which is some movie made by the church. After the movie Santa came! After Santa came we watched Happy Feet. Everything we do here is 10x more fun because there are 160+ girls here! YIKES! During the day though from noon to 5pm on Christmas the square was open and we had assignments. Only sad part was seeing families together because it made me want to be with all of you on Christmas. Nonetheless Christmas was great and my mission is really flying by which is sad. But I will see my mother this weekend! WOW! That will be awkward. I am excited to show momma behind the scenes of Temple Square where normal tours don't in the Tunnels, the teaching center, and my missions headquarters.

On Christmas Eve we watched The Nativity. It was well done and it really reminded me of who the Savior is to me. My roommates here are great and the other day we had combined companionship study with them and we just deeply discussed God's Plan for us. I love talking about the Plan of Salvation. It is my favorite. My mind is racing 100 mph about the subject and it is all to much to type out.

Things have been so busy here. I haven't written in my journal for about a week :(

Yesterday Sister Escobedo and I took a very fun tour! A couple with there 10 year old daughter and 7 year old son. The mom was energetic trying to keep her kids interested so they would have a good experience. I caught on and felt like I was back in the Johnstown Ward teaching my primary kids again. I asked the kids questions and they were so proud of themselves when they answered correctly. It was precious. My companion was quiet the whole time and seemed stressed though. While we played the words of Christ at the Christus she told me she was stressed because she is not used to kids and how to be with them and the mom was too energetic for her.

Last night we took a spanish tour at the Conference Center and it was a very large family from Mexico. Only one spoke english along with his wife who knows no Spanish. So I spoke with the young wife. She goes to BYU Idaho! COOL!

District Meeting was Monday and Sister Yeung (my District Leader) instructed all of us to bring pictures of our boyfriend to share at the end of the meeting. WHAT?? So unheard of but it was fun. The first picture I showed was of James with the iguana! I think it is dead in the picture but he never told me.

Sister Escobedo and I are heading into our 12th week together! Wow such a long time but it has been so great. We get along very well because we are both people who hate contention and all forms of it so we don't ever argue. We agree to disagree if necessary. With a new transfer comes a new mission President! Sad but also exciting. I just pray for the new President and his wife. I would imagine that they are nervous.

On Saturday night we went to a members home! Brother and Sister Ward. We sang Silent Night in Spanish, Mandarin, German, Cambodian, and English. I sang the Spanish and English parts with Sister Escobedo. They fed us so well! The meat came from a bull that their son in law killed. How cool is that? Still not as cool as eating guinea pig like some people.

Clara is going to Armenia! Wow I freaked out when I read that!! Sister Yedigarian from Armenia was so sweet and she went home after my second transfer. She is going to be wonderful there. Our missions are for the people we teach, but as Elder Holland says they are also for us.

The snow is leaving so I really hope that we get a crazy storm soon. I like bundling up to stay warm.
There is so much to tell but my mind can't focus very long so I don't really know what else to add or say.

I love you all very much!

Sister Price-Blueski

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