Saturday, January 25, 2014

Email sent 1-20-14

This past week has been full of experiences that have caused me to fall in love with my new. Many people assume that as a trio we may have troubles getting along, but that is not the case! The three of us have quickly become unified and powerful in our teaching. I've heard that if you have a job that you love, then you will never work a day in your life. The three of us love the work so much that it doesn't seem like work. At Temple Square I loved those I taught over the phone and even those I would tour around the square, but here I enjoy building relationships with those we teach so we can better meet their concerns. Elder Clarke of the Seventy shared with my last mission at temple square "I don't want you to be perfect tomorrow, I want you to be a little better every day." That is what I try and do, be a little better everyday.

In other news, today our zone is going bowling and ordering zone tshirts. I don't know yet if my name will even be on the tshirt since I came late. Guess I will ask the zone leaders. Sister Hoof has ringworm on her arm so that was a little freaky when we found out.

Last night we went to visit Courtney, our investigator who recently returned from visiting home, she wasn't at her apartment. While getting in the car I said "Hey lets go visit Jocelynn since she is just across the street." Sister Hoof and Braegger agreed that it felt right, so we went. Jocelynn is a member in our YSA ward and she wasn't home. But her nonmember roommate Jessica let us in anyway. We got to know her then we shared with her the restoration and she began to cry. We asked her how she felt because we knew she could feel the spirit and she agreed. Now Jessica wants to meet with us again and learn more. Jessica is so loved by Heavenly Father and I am so grateful that He trusted us enough to lead us her way.

On Saturday we went to the Temple! What a special experience it was. And to top it all off I saw Sister Hailey Shumate in the Visitors Center after! She was in my ward at BYU Idaho and now we are in the same mission! She didn't know so she was surprised to see me.

Much Love,
Sister Becca Price

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