Saturday, January 25, 2014

Email sent 1-13-14

Wow so talk about change! I am in a trio and outside of the visitors center. Sister Braegger  and Sister Hoof  are my companions. It is very different, but I love it. My favorite part is actually being able to teach people in person and see them react to the spirit that fills their heart. This week I've been introduced to a new routine. We have no car so when available the women in our wards will drive us around. Otherwise it is walking in the cold. This week has been a very new experience for me. Biggest change is being over actual wards and teaching in homes rather than over the phone. But I love it already. Sis Braegger and Sis Hoof are great sisters and answer all my questions when I am lost. It is funny being new to a mission even though I've already been out for 6 months. We have visited a lot of less actives. I'm still learning names of those we teach since I was thrown into running area. Attending three ward councils yesterday was a very new experience for me. At first I really felt out of my element because I've become so comfortable with how temple square works, but I am now adjusting well. Every morning (except Sunday) Anna, the Relief Society Pres. of YSA 6th Ward, drives us to the institute to work out. We just run around the gym. Sis Hoof plays basketball so I'm thinking about having her teach me how to play. Today we are going to the store then playing gator ball at the stake center with our zone. I hear that's what happens every pday. We live in the basement of a members home which is fun. It is different eating at members homes each night. We get fed well. Here we mostly teach less active students and get them to church. My first day here I dropped my quad scriptures and that is a bad omen here. If you drop your scriptures that means your future spouse just gained 50 pounds! Scary! Well I would write more but my time is coming short.
Much love!
Sister Price

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