Tuesday, March 4, 2014

#getcrunk 2-24-14

The email subject is my zones motto. My zone leaders are cray cray haha

Dear Loved ones
Sister Braegger and I rocked it this week. Especially considering how we have both gotten a terrible bug that has been going around, benefits of serving over a college campus. Friday we had to stay home because we were so sick. It was weird not being out and about. Nice part is that we are sick together. Things seem to be a gazillion times more funny when you are sick. Getting better everyday now.
So last week on pday we were playing dodge-ball and I got nailed in the face by the AP Elder McPhail who is also a former baseball pitcher. My eye was swollen shut for a couple hours so I looked like Rocky Balboa after a fight. It also was twitching funny so I looked ridiculous. Then I just had a yellow and purple bruise for a couple days. It was eventful.
Two of our investigators came to church yesterday! It is the best feeling ever when an investigator and less active show up or when you find out they have been praying and reading the Book of Mormon. 
This week on of the set of Elders in our District had a baptism. It was an older woman named Dorthy. It was a great service.
Shout out to Sister Violet Clara Merten! She goes to the Missionary Training Center to prepare for Armenia this week! WOW that is wonderful!
We are meeting wonderful people here! There are so many different stories. I would share them but there are to many to share. Our newest investigator is John. He is dating one of the less actives in our ward. He is going through a hard time right now so we can tell Heavenly Father has put him in our path for a reason. Lamine is doing great, he will actually be traveling to PSU to give a presentation for a project he has been working on. Since he has been so busy he didn't make it to church, but he has been reading the Book of Mormon. Sometimes we read with him and when it is his turn he reads in french and we follow along in English which is fun. I just enjoy hearing other languages.
Last night we knocked on a door for a less active woman named Cathryn. It was super dark and spooky. We think it was the wrong house. No one answered, but we saw a man through the window (aren't we creepy?) and a huge bong. So we are hoping she doesn't live there. We are considering returning during the daytime to at least invite the guy to learn about the restored gospel. Why not?

That seems about it for this past week. We didn't take very many pictures. So I included a random one of me that I took while on ward splits.
Sister Price

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