Tuesday, March 4, 2014

A Week to Remember 3-3-14

This has been a very uplifting week. Just last night we decided to track in a complex. In doing so we taught one of our less actives and found a new investigator. The new investigators name is Cole and he happens to live with one of our members! He is in our YSA 7th ward. We set an appointment to meet Cole again and we are so excited. We can't see him until next Sunday though because he is on the Football team at ISU and has a super busy schedule. Finding him was all thanks to us following the promptings of the spirit. On Wednesday we will meet with John and later Lamine, our other investigators. Lamine is doing well with reading the Book of Mormon, but we have only been able to get him to church once. Sister Braegger and I love working together and are very motivated to go out and teach as much as possible. We know the work isn't all about numbers, but we get excited when we reach our weekly goals that we prayerfully considered.

A tragedy happened here in Pocatello recently. The Parrish family is a family devoted to hastening the work. They had two kids on missions, a daughter out for 15 months and a son out for 18. Brother Parrish was a ward mission leader. On Sunday Feb 23rd the Parrish parents and there two sons did not come to church. A couple related to them stopped by and found that the family had all slipped away in the night. The youngest boy had just turned 12 and was going to pass the sacrament the next day for the first time. His suit and tie laid on his chair in anticipation for the Sunday morning that never came. The service for the Parrish family was on Friday. We had the pleasure of singing in a missionary choir at the service. The two Parrish children that were on their missions have been honorably released to come home. Elder Corbridge of the Seventy came on behalf of the First Presidency and read a formal letter from the Presidency. Elder Corbridge spoke of how the family fulfilled their duty on earth as servants of the Lord and they did not die in vain. They could have all been saved, but our Heavenly Father called them home. Carbon Monoxide gas is what took their lives.

I'm so grateful for the knowledge and personal testimony that I have of the Plan of Salvation and the goodness of the gospel. Everyone deserves the opportunity to hear of it and accept it for themselves!

Last nights devo with Sister Burton was wonderful and on Thursday we had a great Zone Conference!

I love you all! Hope you had a happy birthday Olivia. Last year I got to visit you in Logan Utah for your birthday, that was so fun! Congratulations on getting into BYU Provo :D  Natalie all I have to say for you is Crawr HAMASHAKA. And Meredith I hope you get the courage to hold your hamster soon!

Sister Price (BLUE)

With Sister Braegger

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