Thursday, March 13, 2014

John! 3-10-14

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This past week our investigator John texted us saying that he made a decision. He then added that he received an answer in a dream that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is true and he needs to belong to it. We were so happy! We called him and set the date for March 22nd and 4:00pm. John is in our 7th Ward and his ward had ward conference. Stake President McNabb called John up to bare his testimony. John testified of the Book of Mormon and of its truthfulness, he added that he hadn't read all of it yet and cautioned everyone not to give away the ending. I couldn't help but cry. Sister Braegger looked over at me shocked because it was the first time she saw me cry. She cries a lot, in a good way, and she knows it so it's funny. Matter of fact she told a story last night and was crying and I asked "so how do you know that person?" and she said "well I don't." The story was from a tape she listened to once. Sister Braegger and I are best friends and both complete goofs.

Last Monday night we were out knocking on a members door to get to know them and ask if they knew anyone we could teach, but they weren't answering. Off in the distance walking our way. I sort of jokingly told Sis Braegger to pull her pepper spray out. The men got closer and we realized it was the Elders still in pday clothes...just a funny thing...maybe you had to be there.

We took Marian, our 4th Ward Investigator, on a church tour this week. She enjoyed seeing the baptismal font. We invited her to be baptized, but she said she isn't sure yet. We really see her progressing in the future.

All three wards we cover had a linger longer yesterday so I included some pictures!

Sister Price (BLUE)

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