Thursday, October 23, 2014

Short One 10-23-14

This week Sister Stufflebean and I were able to get a hold of Carina our new investigator in Romania. It was our first time talking to her since we met at Temple Square. Because of the time difference it is easiest for her to be taught through email. Still, we will try to continue to keep in contact with her over the phone. We are praying to get her in contact with the local missionaries, we just need Carina's address.
This morning the outbound sisters were announced. 25 sisters are going outbound! Sister Stufflebean and I have been busy arranging the needs of 60 sisters going to and from the airport on the 29th. It is interesting. Seems like despite my wishes Sister Stufflbean and I will split and she will remain as fleet. On Monday I will find out who will kill me. (who will send me home).
Well take care everyone!
Sister Price

By the Joseph Smith statue
Sister Price next to Joseph Smith

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