Thursday, October 23, 2014


On Wednesday we were on exchanges so my companion for the day was Sister Hadzik from Germany. We were able to take one tour in German. The season is slowing down. In the summer the German speaking sisters are taking many German tours a day.
Even with the season being slow (slow compared to summer) Salt Lake City hosts many conventions and meetings of sorts. Girls Scouts of America have been everywhere recently. 

Thanks to the Leavitt's of our home stake Sister Stufflebean and I had the pleasure of giving  Kateryna Yushchenko, the former first lady of Ukraine and her assistant Maryna Antonova a tour of Temple Square. They were so kind and both my companion and I enjoyed showing them Temple Square.
This week we took a lesson with sister missionaries who brought there 9 year old investigator and her member mother to Temple Square. The young girls was so cute and after watching a touching presentation and talking with her, she began to cry. It was sweet to see the spirit touch a young girl like that.
On Sunday we received news that the entire mission would meet in a theater at 7pm until the rest of the night for a special fireside. This was puzzling considering the question of: how will the square function without us? About 40 return missionaries of Temple Square came to cover assignments and organize the square! The square wasn't able to function it's usual way, but they made it work. Well ANYWAY the fireside was so special because the guest was David Archuleta! It was so great! His family even came. With 200 sister missionaries going reverently crazy we organized pictures according to zone.

David sang the following for us:
He also shared experiences that prepared him for his mission and experiences he had on his mission. It was a fantastic fireside! There was a Q&A as well.
As usual, all is well here!
Much Love,
Sister Price

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