Monday, October 13, 2014

Temple Square = a real mission. General Conference WATCH IT 10-2-14

The Woman's Broadcast was fantastic! This weekend our zone will go to the Sunday morning session of General Conference. For the other sessions we will be on the square talking to people. So we get to listen to the other sessions later. We are expecting to be very busy this weekend though. I am so EXCITED! For real it will be fantastic.
Last October conference I was still new in the mission and it is interesting to reflect on how I have changed since then.
Last week our investigator Beth from California was baptized. We are so happy for her decision. It has been a long journey for her.
I am feeling much better, but I can't say much for my roommate Sister Bryuzgina (Russia) who is now sick no thanks to me.
Last week we had a crazy thunder storm. Sister Stufflebean and I were walking around the reflection pool when it began. The entire cities lights flickered and the rain was nuts! We were trying to act professional but decided to run when everyone around us was (including a newlywed bride and groom-haha!) We huddled against the east gate wall with other people who were trying to save themselves. Then we ran into the South Visitors Center and we were drenched! It was crazy. I included a picture of the aftermath. ​
Please bear with me for a moment: I love everyone who comes to Temple Square. It is funny however when members say "Oh I am already mormon" and awkwardly ignore sisters. It's like what??? Then we have the people who ask or say things like:
Is this a real mission?
Is it hard not being on a real mission?
Do you ever teach anyone?
Is it true you get extra time to get ready in the morning?
Don't you get to serve in another mission for 6 months?
and the list goes on...
Pretty sure every Temple Square missionary has to defend their mission the rest of their earthly life. Because in the next life everyone's eyes are opened and they realize it is the BEST MISSION. To clarify yes we are a real mission and we teach people over the phone and on tours everyday! Let me repeat: we teach everyday. We don't get extra time to get ready in the morning, we follow the missionary white handbook you can find the pdf for this on Since we are a full time visitors center some things are adjusted. For example we can't accept visits from friends, BUT if we see someone we know we aren't going to run away (that would be awkward). We can have one visit per family member. The First Presidency has approved this. When I served in Pocatello Idaho (Outbound= 12 weeks) we were so busy and we walked everywhere because we had no car. Yet, my body was sore for weeks while I readjusted to serving at Temple Square. It is an incredibly hard working mission! Well if you ever hear any rumors please help clarify for me. Luckily the atonement is real so we may all repent.
Sister Stufflebean and I are doing well and staying busy. WATCH GENERAL CONFERENCE EVERYONE! It will be fantastic!
I love you all,
Sister Rebecca Price
with sister stufflebean

with Sister Nakayama

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