Monday, October 13, 2014

Trunky Papers ? ! 9-11-14

Wow things have been so busy lately.
There was a car accident on Saturday in West Jordan that sisters in our mission were involved in. They were on their way to a baptism. Sister Hardy and I sprinted to our car and then drove safely to the rescue :) Everyone was okay. Just some sore legs and necks. They will be okay. The van (named 007) is in the shop for a couple weeks though.

With transfers next week we have been very busy coordinating drivers and airport greeters for returning and departing outbound sisters. It is madness! Somehow we have managed to teach and contact many people this week though. All is well.
Sister Hardy and I use Microsoft Excel to organize the flight schedules and departure times for 29 departing outbound sisters, 3 sisters going home, and 18 sisters returning from outbound. After sitting at the computer for hours we become what is equivalent to space madness! 

While walking to email I saw Meghan Kevesdy and we ran dramatically into each others arms! What a happy reunion!!!!
Yesterday was Sister Wu's (former companion) 23rd Birthday! It was also her 8 year anniversary of being baptized. Sister Hardy and I surprised her with a cake and we celebrated with her.
You may have noticed the title "trunky papers." So the other day I go to my mailbox to find these papers to fill out confirming what airport I will fly home to and all this other information that freaks missionaries out...hence the name TRUNKY PAPERS. I just realize I lost them! OHHH maybe they are in our cubicle. Well good thing I don't need to hand it in until next week.
For those of you who may not know. Trunky refers to a missionary who is thinking about home so much they can hardly function properly. From talks with other sisters we have decided that Elders are more trunky-prone because sisters can think about more at once. Who agrees?

All is well here though! Missionary work is getting done in a fun way. I love you all!
Sister Price

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