Monday, October 13, 2014

11th Transfer Begins 9-18-14

It is a new transfer. Same zone and same assignment as fleet coordinator, but new companion and roommates. My companion (Sister Stufflebean) and I get along well and already are comfortable with each other. Yesterday morning we had to be in the garage at 3:30am to begin our busy transfer day. Only a couple things went wrong with sisters getting lost and flights being delayed, so all is well. My new roommates are so fun. Sister Weidmann from Switzerland and Sister Bryuzgina from Russia.
My district leader is still Sister Yang from Taiwan! I am very happy about that, but she is great. Her new companion is Sister Hadzik from Germany. Our district meeting is coming up so I will get a picture of all of us to email next week.
The mission has many new sisters. They come from California, Arizona, Idaho, South Africa, Pakistan, India, South Korea, and Australia! It is exciting.
This morning for Relief Society we had a man (his name slipped my mind) share a story of how he was captured as a missionary while serving in Lebanon. What saved him was a man in a high place who had toured America. Temple Square was a stop on the tour that gave the man admiration for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. A returned less active spoke as well. I can't retell the stories they told very well, but everything became "happily ever after" because of Christ. Mankind can not soften hearts, but Christ can. We missionaries don't convert people, we invite people and good comes through Christ.
It can be hard to accept that people disagree about this or that. I wish everyone would just chill and love one another despite religious differences. One day...
That is all from me for this week. Love you all very much!
-Sister Rebecca Price

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