Monday, October 13, 2014

Conference Weekend 10-9-14

The Sunday Morning session of General Conference was great! Especially since we got to also be there for Music & The Spoken Word. For studies we have been trying to catch up and watch the other sessions that we weren't able to attend.
Local wards were kind enough to provide lunch and dinner for us since our 20min meals didn't give us enough time to prepare food.
We talked to hundreds of people at Conference so to be honest it just flew by super fast and seems like a blur now.
This week we took a group of people from a motor coach tour around Temple Square. These are always fun tours, but since there are many people from different backgrounds it can be more difficult to personalize the tour. There were 3 young adults from Romania in the group. One girl had great questions and was very interested in learning more. After the tour ended I was able to talk with just her. She accepted a copy of The Book of Mormon and gave me her email and phone number. She will return home to Romania on the 14th so I will call then and hopefully get her in contact with local missionaries too!
Fleet responsibilities will be passed over to a new senior couple in our mission. Sister Stufflebean and I have been meeting with them to teach them how to do the paperwork and organization of fleet.
Back to General Conference weekend: Saturday and Sunday we were on the square 7:30am to 9:45pm. We had a mission meeting Sunday evening where we shared experiences from Conference and heard from President and Sister Poulsen. Then we were surprised with watching Meet The Mormons! It was very inspirational. I am so excited for everyone to see it!
Well that is all for now!
Love you all, 
Sister Price

1. Us Sunday night after all the sessions were over
2. Sister Stufflebean and I after the first day of Conference
3. Us in the Conference Center
Sunday night after all sessions were over

With Sister Stufflebean after the first day of conference

With Sister Stufflebean in the Conference Center

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