Monday, October 13, 2014

hello! 9-25-14

This weekend is the General Woman's Broadcast and my companion and I get to go! We will also be able to attend one session of General Conference, but we don't know which one it will be yet.
Fleet responsibility have been busy lately. We have monthly reports coming up and on top of that we are switching out 4 of our vans next week. We do a van share with the service missionaries at the History Center. So we have to coordinate with them about the vehicles as well. They use the vans, but don't have to take care of them like us.
Sister Stufflebean and I have still been able to take a lot of tours recently. The other day we showed 25 people around. They are in a tour bus of 50 people, but we had to split the group for the tour. A majority of the people were from Pennsylvania and Ohio! A couple even knew Bishop McCort where I went to HS. Giving tours are fun because I enjoy interacting with the people and trying to make them laugh and enjoy there time here. It can be awkward when they don't think my jokes are funny...
This morning (7:30am) Michael Otterson from Church Public Affairs came and spoke with us. In the middle of the meeting his assistant came in and handed him a not. Brother Otterson read it and said "Elder Holland needs me to call him before he goes to the temple this morning, so excuse me for just a moment." How cool is that? He casually received a message from an Apostle. SO COOL!
My roommates are so awesome! Sister Weidmann (Switzerland) came home last night and was stressed about college plans after the mission since she goes home in January. She brought up how she is considering going to BYU IDAHO! SWEET! Sister Bryzgina (Russia) is super fun and is teaching me some Russian. It came in handy when Sister Stufflebean and I ran into a woman from Moscow the other day. I learned how to say good morning so I said it to the woman (even though it was night time) and she was so excited and wrote down other things for me to say. Turns out the lady speaks English too though because she lives in Boston now.
We literally meet people from EVERYWHERE! It is awesome.
Sister Stufflebean and I were approached by a woman from Mexico who speaks no English. I couldn't respond, but I understood that she was asking how to get to the family history center. While taking her there Sister Stufflebean and I took turns trying to talk to her in Spanish, she appreciated it. Luckily a sister from Guatemala walked by to help her more.
Hope everyone has a fantastic week!
Much love, 
Sister Price

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