Wednesday, June 25, 2014

June 25, 2014 One year mark soon? WOW!

Another transfer with Sister Wu in the Beehive house :) We have a new District Leader though: Sister Marambio from Chile! So fun. She is a sweetheart. Even though Sister Wu and I are staying together, we have been assigned a new apartment. We just moved down the hall though. Our roommates are Sister Bernhardt (France) and her trainee who arrives tomorrow, also Sister Cummings (Hawaii) and Sister Lee (Hong Kong). Should be fun.
I think they moved me there so I would help clean it. Moving in yesterday I got side tracked cleaning the kitchen. For the sake of mankind I did not take a before picture. Enough said. While cleaning Sister Cano (PERU) joined me and we are instant friends! HOORAY!
A Chinese visitor referred herself on Saturday. That is a miracle! She is from China, but going to school in California so we can teach her :) we gave her a tour of the Beehive house and she had a lot of great questions.
BEST PART OF THE WEEK: Our investigator Hao Tinting got baptized. She is from China and attends the Chinese Branch near U of U's campus. We arrived early to help her get ready and calm her nerves. I even braided her hair for her. She is the sweetest. The font water was freezing, but she endured. The baptism service was conducted in Chinese, but translated to English for the people like me.
Sister Wu has a cousin from Hong Kong, Yuekai, that is in the Chinese Branch in Salt Lake. Her cousin was baptized in Hong Kong. That opened the door for Sister Wu and her mother. He was at the baptism and brought Sister Wu a huge box of Chinese food. He included a bag of "American food" for me,  with chips, skittles, and chocolate.
I am not sure what else to enjoy your week everyone.
Much love,
Sister Price

Left:Hao Tingting and the elders over the Chinese Branch

Right:Elder, Yuekai, Sister Wu and I after the baptism 

Left: Random Picture
after the baptism

Right:My zone leaders from last transfer
Picture of the Temple

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