Saturday, June 21, 2014

我爱甜甜圈 (6-18-14)

Chinese is intense, I can say "hello, I am Sister Price" and "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints" and "Please, don't take a picture." I also can say a couple random words that aren't very helpful except for making Sister Wu laugh.
This morning the sisters at the MTC visitors center training came for a tour. Sister Wu and I got to take them around. The majority are coming to Temple Square next Wednesday! SWEET. Two cool places they are from: Madagascar and Vietnam. I would love to train again, but who knows what is in store for me next transfer.
Transfer day is next Wednesday so I may have a new Pday and wont be on email until that comes around...could be 7-13 days until my next pday.
Sister Escobedo is going outbound! WOAH. I will miss that Mexican while she is away. President is only having sisters go for 2 transfers now. No more crazies going out for 3 (like I did.)
The newest thing at Temple Square is the language program! MIRACLE! 25 sisters are really struggling with English. Since they take so many tours in their native language, English is even more hard to learn. 70 ESL sisters signed up to be interviewed for the program. There are 3 different English class levels. 12 sisters per level. Sister Wu made the cut and could not be happier. For her interview they recorded her talking and she is in fear that the world will hear her recording. I made the cut too and I am in the lowest level, just kidding :P The program is 2 hours a day starting tomorrow. It is with MTC language instructors and I am not sure how long the program will run day wise.
We have had a fun week at the Beehive house. Some tours are just so fun because of the cool people. We took around people from England, Ireland, New York (wit de accent), China (of course), and other places I already forgot...
Adam Clapp visited a couple times. Sister Wu and I got to give him and his friend a tour. It was fun time.
On fathers day we took a large mandarin group (40+ people). Sister Wu translated for 3 sisters including myself. We were sharing how in the temple families are sealed, then I said in the microphone "Today is Father's Day in America! Thank you Fathers!" Those that understood English cheered and then everyone cheered once Sister Wu translated what I said into the microphone. It was precious. Asian people are so gentle and sweet.

In other new the following is a new mormon message. Grandpas on motorcycles!

Sister Price

1. a beautiful rainbow after a rainy day
2. The bird that flew into our apartment and spazzed out. I caught it and eventually it flew away again. It reminded me of Natalie ;)

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