Saturday, June 21, 2014

East 2 Zone (6-4-14)

Another busy week at Temple Square. We take tour after tour at the Beehive house and the days we don't have Beehive, we are busy with tours on the square. I ran into a good friend from my outbound YSA Ward, Morgan Heeder. It was nice to see a familiar face.
The Square opens at 8am. That is when personal study (PS) would normally take place, with companionship study (CS) following. We have "early" morning schedule. So we go to bed at 10:15pm and get up at 6:15am. We are on the Square at8am and we go home for 6:45 PS and then 7:45pm CS with planning for the next day from 8:45-9:15pm. I actually like this schedule because I enjoy studying on the porch and looking at the Square while the day is ending.
Yesterday we took a large youth conference group through the Beehive group. Throughout the tour I kept wondering if I was like them when I went to YC... It was an interesting tour
Sister Wu and I are doing well. She is a funny one. We get along and have become well balanced in our English tours. Chinese tours are interesting. They just want to take pictures of EVERYTHING! Sister Wu taught me how to say "please don't take a picture" to keep them from taking pictures of her and I. For security reasons people need to be in the picture with us. 

Since we are busy with Chinese tours, we don't have as much teaching time in the call center. But we are still doing missionary work so it doesn't bother me. The work is hastening despite the efforts of those against us.

Isn't that awesome! The time is NOW!

Our district is very unified, we all love each other and we are all so different. We don't have any two sisters in our district from the same country.

That is all for now!
Sister Price

From left to right in the picture: Jager Germany, Tupou Tonga, Hoffman Brazil, Salapo Samoa, Price AMERICA, Nakamatsu Japan, Cardus Argentina, and Wu Chengdu China.

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