Saturday, June 21, 2014

April is showered with baptisms! (4-28-14)

Dear Family, 

This past week was so great! Best conversion story I've yet to experience-ADAM! He will be baptized this Wednesday. I will save his story for after my mission. He is from Medina, OH! Cool, right? Also, he got Sister Braegger and I donuts and you all know how much I love donuts so Adam is pretty awesome. 

Mission President has a standard of excellence that every companionship baptizes every month. He really put some focus on that this April. Following John Yourston's baptism in March Sister Braegger and I were struggling to get the work going. We were out searching and working everyday, but seeing little results. Everyone in the Zone had a baptism date, except for us. Everyone was praying for our area and we fasted to find someone. Miracles have happened and we are teaching more people than we ever have before! Becca S is one of our investigators. She is super cool as she looks just like Kora from The Legend of Korra! She even has a white dog (polar bear dog) that resembles Kora's. So I'll have to take a picture of her. I know my younger sisters know what I am talking about. Harley is another awesome investigator of ours. He has a baptism date set for May! The Pocatello Mission is baptizing a lot this month!

Cousin Ian and his family took Sister Braegger and I out to Wingers for dinner on Saturday night. It was fun! Hopefully I can see them again before I return to Temple Square. 

Tomorrow we are going to the departing Temple Trip in Idaho Falls. Even though I am not actually going home they are letting me go since I will return to Temple Square. Lately though I have referred to Temple Square as home. 

"Work hard, and have fun!" It is so great that the mission life is fun as well. Sister Bragger and I can goof off and have fun, but also study together. She is very tolerant of me. I like to creep her out and mess around in a fun way with her and she puts up with it...Even when I sit on her and try to get her to eat her name tag. AWKWARD

Not many pictures this week, just one from us walking home from a pday activity. I will send another email out including pictures that a member took for us on Easter. 

Love you all!
Sister Price

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