Saturday, June 21, 2014

byebye POKEY SOUTH ZONE :( Last week (5-5-14)

Happy Mother's Day! But who am I kidding... every day is mothers day off. Moms are constantly getting spoiled... JUST KIDDING :P

This Sunday I will skype home! Don't know what time or any of that nonsense so just keep a look out for a phone call so I can arrange it. Have the laptop ready. 

Sister Bragger and I have seen so much happening in our area! It will be sad to leave but we are excited for the work that will happen with the two sisters taking our spot. This past week our investigator Adam was baptized and confirmed. We have become attached to the people we teach, which makes leaving even harder. I know that I am meant to return to Temple Square though. Another miracle is Harley. Elder Card and Elder Chavarria found him, taught him the restoration and committed him to be baptized. It's wonderful when other missionaries follow the spirit and in effect our area is blessed.  Harley is in our area so they handed him off to us. We had to post pone the baptism as Harley just recently finished chewing. His testimony and love of the gospel is powerful! He will be baptized this Saturday. I will have been blessed to teach three people (John, Adam, and Harley) from start to baptism during my time in Pocatello. 

On Wednesday Sister Braegger is getting transferred to West Yellowstone to teach and baptize the buffalo. I am super jealous. I will be with two other sisters in my area until I leave for Temple Square. So I will show them the ropes of YSA then leave them to fend for themselves. I am excited to return and to give tours to people from around the world! Also to see all the wonderful sisters that I know and love at Temple Square. 

Did everyone watch Elder Ballards CES Devotional? I will be honest...both Sister Braegger and I passed out sleeping in the chapel during it. Even the Elders called me out as looking dead. I did catch the part about technology but didn't comprehend the pornogrophy and marriage portion as I was in and out of it. We went to a "finals feed" break the fast right before. Since the YSA have finals this week it is called a finals feed. There were sleeping pills in that food...or we are just working so hard we can no longer function normally. 

Today we are going bowling with Adam and Jamie! Should be good clean fun. That's really all I have to say about that. 

This week I caught a baby bunny! SO CUTE.

Have a great week

Sister Price (Blue)

1. the dog is Jack! He wanders the neighborhood and might have rabies (Just kidding...or am I?)
2. Us at a bonfire with our 7th ward. Notice the USA chair!
3 and 4. Captured bunny!
5. Jimmy Johns


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