Saturday, June 21, 2014

Mandarin Tours- Celebrities- WoRk work wOrK (5-21-14)

It has been a week now that I have been back in the Temple Square Mission and things are going well. My companion, Sister Wu, is mandarin speaking so we have been kept very busy with mandarin tours. I forgot how much work there is to do at Temple Square. We serve in the Beehive house and the history seems to be coming very fast, still there is so much more to study about it. 

Elder Clarke of the seventy has come again, since we now have a new mission president. I am lucky to have gone to two mission tours with Elder Clarke!
So far I've learned how to introduce myself in mandarin, say I love you, and thank you grandpa, plus a couple random words. Not sure if I will learn anymore mandarin, its very difficult.
Tomorrow my companion and I are teaching the Relief Society lesson, it is about faith. Another companionship is doing the repentance portion of the lesson.
My new district leader is Sister Cardus from Argentina. Everyone else in my district is from Brazil, Tonga, Samoa, Switzerland, Japan, and China of course. My zone leaders are from England and New Zealand. I am the only American in my district, pretty cool. Our mission is getting less and less Americans each transfer. We need more language speakers.
This week I saw David Archuleta! WOW! We made eye contact but I didn't get to talk to him. He was on the Square with friends. He is a very small guy. I did formally meet Alex Boye!!!!
That was super awesome. At music and the spoken word he sat right in front of me, it was legit.
We took an awesome mandarin tour. The family loved us so much that the next day they came and brought us homemade dumplings. They were so good and reminded Sister Wu so much of home that she began to cute.
Sister Wu is very sweet and loving. We get along well. She is still fairly new to the mission and still working on her english so we are working on the language barrier still.
The apartment that I live in has a porch with a beautiful view of Temple Square so before I get in bed I can look out the window and see the Temple, it is great.
I've already seen two woman from my YSA wards along with their boyfriends/fiance...awkward. There are so many brides here again!
Temple Square is still beautiful and the best mission ever! I love it here. Have a great week everyone!
Much love, 
Sister Price (Blue)

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