Saturday, June 21, 2014

BYE Pocatello :( HELLO Salt Lake City :) (5-12-14)

So on the 7th I was transferred to Inkom to cover 3 family wards for just a week. My companion for the week is Sister Newman from California, she has been out 6 months. Its weird having been over the same area for 17 weeks and now just fill in for Inkom for one week. But serving in Inkom is so distracting! There are horses, cows, dogs, and cats left and right! My ADD (Animal Distracted Disorder) is through the roof out of control. I've even had a dream about breaking rules and going horse back riding :)

At one dinner appointment there was an abandoned kitten that we tried to save. It died... Rest In Peace unnamed little kitty. Remember how I would pray for the neighborhood cat in family prayers growing up? Oh RIP Mittens. My cat allergies are basically gone so that is cool news.

Skyping home was so fun! The word Skype sounds violent! I skyped my family (sounds evil). We went to the Clark's home for Skype. They are awesome! Next summer they are hosting this huge camp out fun week with horses, disc golf, fires, swimming, all that good stuff, and they invited me and said I should bring a potential husband with me... if I am in Idaho next August I am totally going. They also have 3 dachshunds that are cute so that was fun.  

On Saturday we visited my now old Pocatello area (only 15 min North of Inkom) for Harley's baptism! It was awesome. I got called up to share my testimony since I was the only missionary there that had actually done the teaching. I basically just cried a lot. The mission has made me even more emotional? yikes. 

Wednesday at 1:05 I will land in Salt Lake! CRAY CRAY as rawrh Mere and Nat would say. I am excited to return but also nervous :o

Last Monday evening I went to the departing missionary dinner. One Elder going home is from Lima Peru! So I told him about Elder Perryman in Chiclayo and the Elder told me about Chiclayo. He says Arequipa is the nice mission because it is like Europe and Chiclayo is the sketch one. All the leaving missionaries shared there testimonies and I cried of course. 

Not sure what else to add. You are all awesome! Especially MOMMA'S! 

Sister Price

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